So I hear that a "Camp"

For sure Jess was a bit scattergun with her initial email but, personally, I got more frustrated by the idiotic Reply All that went on afterwards.


Some was accidental but most were wilful, either taking the Mick or incorrectly believing that their ire would somehow stop the thread. Re-education for all, I say!

I liked the response from “Denise” who told everybody in the organisation that they had the wrong Denise.


Maybe she was told to do it that way, just a thought!

People trying to be clever, but then again, same could be said about the comments here.

So i hear there is a “ATC Chaplains Convention”

message includes:
“please pass this on to your squadron chaplain…”

is it not easier/more appropriate to send to “all-oc” “All-adj” as one of those should be in contact with the Padre rather than spam all accounts???
or are the options i suggest not available?

They could use an all squadrons email distro list so it doesn’t hit all the civ com, WSO, RSO etc etc.

Yet again no use of the BCC as well.

It’s little wonder we almost missed a GPF payment because our CivCom were ignoring their emails…

With the lack of Reply All responses i am assuming due to him being a padre he is getting a free pass.


Perhaps people are just binning it immediately

Or because someone didn’t accidentally reply all, the wrath of the wider RAFAC wasn’t triggered?

I was very tempted to send a self righteous one from my WSO account just for :poop: and giggles!


Someone should send an All Reg x 6 email advising of how to email properly to avoid the mess that was previously…


Perhaps on this new email chain we can enquire about the cheese?

Here we go again…

I hope Mr Cheese returns


He is locked up in the Gaol at HQAC on the charge of increasing moral whilst on RAFAC duty.


As seen in HQAC’s Emergency Response Cabinet: