Should there be a Cadet Forces Meritorious Service Medal?

Interestingly! I’ve been thinking of similar lines recently.

An actual award that recognises meritorious service that isn’t the CFM which is almost the equivalent of a LSGC (almost)

Thinking RAF specific, the MSM is awarded to ‘Other Ranks’ for Meritorious service. So you find lots of SWOs awarded it for their services and similar roles within the RAF. I’d suggest a tour of WWO, RWO, RAFAC WO would be ideal candidates (assuming they were proactive and made significant contribution) but not limited too. There are plenty of CFAV SNCOs whom at time maybe overlooked.

Spark for debate…. Maybe I should create a new thread to see what traction this could get.


In the reserves we have the KVRM for those who go beyond merely sticking around for a long time. Maybe someone should suggest a KCFM for exceptional CFAV?


If you get a KVRM do you also get whatever your equivalent of a LSGC medal or does it replace it?

I like the idea of someone with that username promoting the idea of an additional medal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Although it requires a minimum of ten years service, like the VRSM, it is an additional medal and is higher in the order of wear. Due to a break in ‘efficient’ service (missed bounties), I know of one QVRM recipient who got it before his VRSM.

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KVRM is a better model for a CFAV equivalent as it is rank neutral. It also requires 10 years service IIRC. Reg MSM is for SNCOs only, 20 years service and harder to get than an MBE


Busted! :joy:

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And why limit it to WOs & SNCOs? The commissioned side of the organisation struggles just as much to get long-term recognition!


No volunteer in the org gets the recognition they deserve.

But IMHO, medals aren’t the way to show recognition and appreciation - unless we’re talking about those volunteers who are on the NY Honours list actually getting proper medals for a change.

This organisation does not care about any volunteers, at all, for any reason.

Theres some Wing level staff that put the effort in to value their staff, but generally volunteers in RAFAC are worthless, particularly to permanent staff around the organisation.

On that basis there is zero reason to assume that there would ever be any recognition.

So let’s all make do with a CFM that may come through in 2 years or there abouts, and the temptation for an AOC commendation if you and a buddy nominate each other with self indulgent write ups :joy::joy:

Yes. That’s my interpretation of it.

No fobbing off with a little bit of paper no one really cares about. A proper medal that really shows your contribution is valued.

I think the MSM should be changed to include us officer folk in the regulars too to be honest.

You should see the collection of certificates on my wall that I’ve made up for myself to show off to friends and family the (self) recognition of all I do on Sqn as a CI :nerd_face:

(No, not really. I am only jesting)

Reading the posts I’m wondering if the route should be similar to the police/fire one. One for long service one for distinguished service

We have a long service medal in the form of the current CFM for all uniform service.

KMCFS (Kings Medal for Cadet force service) for distinguished service in the cadet forces available to all including civilian instructors

my thinking it should be like the cadet forces BEM - distinguished notable service. Someone who has done more than the norm but not wide ranging as required for the MBE.


That’s exactly how the KVRM works as well. There’s a 10-year minimum qualification: but it’s for distinguished service (the VRSM is for long ‘efficient’ service).


Had a chat recently with a friend in MOD. Apparently Dr Murrison (the minister with responsibility for cadets) has asked for policy proposals on postnominals for the CFM along the lines of VR for the reserves, moving us to the civil division of the Order of the British Empire and/or creating a new cadet forces division. I may send her a link to this thread.
Main problem she sees is that the election will inevitably derail this, even if the policy proposal makes it back up to him


Sounds scarily sensible. Can’t be true :joy:

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Yes, you can’t use the words 'RAFAC" and ‘common sense’ in the same sentence; ive been pulled up on it many times :grin:

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… surely just CFM

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MSM is “MSM”
VRSM is… “VR”?

CFM could go either way! Live dangerously…

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Though CF is already in use as Chaplain to the Forces.

And VR simply denotes 10years service in the reserves. It’s not the VRSM

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