Rucksack Suggestions

Knowing we’ve a few people on here with rucksack problems, I’m looking for suggestions on a first MTP rucksack purchase please.

I’m struggling for storage space so looking for something that’ll be as general-purpose as possible, ideally suitable for road marching and range days, but also could cope with a fieldcraft weekend.

What are peoples recommendations size wise? My standard daysack is a 33L Ospray (Talon, maybe?), but I’ve found that a bit small for fieldcraft weekends (possibly more layout than volume?).

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I have a Karrimor SF (Predator or Sabre, I forget which exactly). It’s a pretty decent all rounder.

I have a camelback motherlode which is excellent and have been using it for years :+1:

The DCC burgan daysack is a great piece of kit. Very roomy and worth every penny.

I’d absolutely recommend something in the 45l area for a MoS - you’ll carry more than the cadets, and it helps having an extra bit of space.

I’ve a 45l Sabre and I’m very happy with it’s construction - it must be 15 years old - and it’s layout. Its comfortable when it’s straining at the seams and has two PLCE side pockets on, and it’s comfortable when it’s got nothing more than a belay jacket and a bottle of water in it.

I want to tell you to go for the Uber Gucci MTP Berghaus Munro, but while it’s great for an individual, I don’t think it’s big enough at 30/35l…

Personally, unless you are made of money and can have a dozen different, and really good, sacks, I would avoid going for one in MTP/DPM/whatever: olive green works fine with MTP in the field, especially once it’s damp and dirty, while MTP looks a bit knobber-like mooching into town, and some of the DofE freaks get upset about it.

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Yeah - I’ve got a couple of general civvy packs that are great for most things, and I’ve held off looking at an MTP one for a while now. My main reason for asking is the road marching team wanting rucksacks to match uniform pattern (IAW ACRoMaTI 10), so it’s probably time I bought something for RAFAC use.

That was my gut feel, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t being excessive. Thank you.

Is that the same as/similar to the Karrimore ECM? (e.g. here)

Oooh. Gucci. I’d seen one of those on my eBay hunt earlier but dismissed it at £120+. Are they worth it?

Thanks - I’ll keep an eye out for those appearing on eBay as well :+1:

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No, it’s not. But the ECM is meant to be a decent bag, don’t recall if it has a belt or not? The side pouches are the best ever issued.

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I think so. I primarily use it as my range bag but it’s great for hauling my IT kit about as well and keeps it safe. You get what you pay for :+1:

Camelbak aren’t worth the money. It’s way over priced mediocre gear. If you are going to drop £170 on a daysack, there’s far superior stuff out there for that sort of cash.

I think it’s a bit out of order that you are being forced to shell out for a bit of kit for a Cadet Activity, just for “uniformity” rather than practicality.

Classic Berghaus munro in olive green, around £70, MTP version is pushing £100. There are cheaper knock off versions in MTP for cheaper.

You can pick up MTP versions of the old NI daysack. Probably from your local Surplus Store for mega cheap. Good storage with 2 side pouches and 2 top flap pouches. Not the best option though, certain brands are a bit naff.

Karrimor SF are banging. The predator daysacks are large capacity, technically could be considered a Bergan with their zip on side pouch capability and usually cheaper But some new are around £100.

Helikon are usually pretty good, I’ve never used their daysacks though. But if their other kit is to go by, it’s good stuff and fair priced too.

You could get an olive green daysack, or even use your civvie one but use a waterproof MTP cover over it, for about £12.

Stay away from Cadet Direct. They are rip off merchants. Keep an eye out on EBay, there’s usually some bargains.

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Issue day sack and then add side pouches at a later date (The ECM linked above). I use the day sack for most stuff and add the side pouches if staying in the field longer. Does the job and fits in where needed. Just make sure you identify it as yours externally for when it is thrown amongst a load of others!

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Not forced - I could borrow. Given the somewhat public nature of the activity I feel uniformity is more important than most other activities, so it makes sense to me. Equally, this is why I’m trying to avoid spending too much.

Yeah - aware of rip-off direct (although I did end up buying some slides from them last year as I couldn’t find them anywhere else). Lot’s of eBay hunting I think.

Thanks - that’s seeming like a good option.

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I checked, mines the predator 30.

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I’d add a tip - make sure your sack has side compression straps: I have a very ally old Arktis DPM (so faded it could be anything…) 40/45l sack that’s the epitome of stripped down - it’s great when it’s full, but if not it flaps about like a mad thing. If it was my only sack (see confessions of a rucksack addict) it would be pretty annoying.

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I mostly use the issue sack for ease of not needing many different types (I probably would if I could, though) - plenty roomy, side pouches if needed, and if only carrying a little then zipping the sides together makes a fairly solid and compact bag.

I’ve got an additional Molle zip pouch I stick on the front if I don’t have enough that I need to slap the side pouches on.


A few options:

  • Karrimor SF Sabre or Predator - Predator has molle for adding pouches, Sabre is a bit more civvie styled. The 30L Predator is a good trade off, size & weight, and not too expensive in mulitcam
  • PLCE ‘issue’ daysack. This is broadly the same as the Predator 45/50L but no waist belt. It has ‘PRI’ on the label (PRI owns Karrimor SF). Uses the PLCE side pouches and has molle so really flexible.
  • Virtus 40L just starting to come on to the used market now. Made by Source in Israel, good kit. I’ve just bought one, so will report back when it arrives
  • Camelbak Motherlode - shop around and you can find these for about £120, if you have a mod90/ DofE leader the big outdoor stores do discounts. But it is more of an admin bag, lots of small pouches and pockets inside so you might prefer the Predator
  • get one of the above in tan and add an MTP cover - I think the tan looks ally with MTP but works ok for AT too.
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Even when the rest of Virtus was getting slated, the feedback on the daysack was good.

I’m keen to try it, not sure about the spine. I have the DCC one too but don’t like that as much as some other folk on here

Negative mate. I was involved in the testing for virtus and the daysack wasn’t all good. It’s better now with a topflap, but I use my Predator over it anyday of the week.

The Bergan and daysack were both heavily criticised and had glaring problems. The spine system was terrible and kept breaking and although has been changed it’s still naff and is mugged off anyway. Nice idea but terrible in practise.

Don’t go for an ECM Bergan, it’s not designed for carrying kit. It’s designed for strapping in and carrying a big chunk of metal. The zips were always breaking too. They aren’t used for kit, which is why the side pouch zips are on.

That was just the opinion I had from regulars I know who had it at the time. Couple of Paras and marines. They said it was all gopping, bar the helmet and daysack. (I recall there may have been mention of some tailoring)

On the ECM side, it’s only the side pouches I have, on the standard Bergen. It was criminal that when when they switched PLCE over to MTP they didn’t update any of the kit. The ECM side pouches were infinitely better than the zipped ones, but some idiot re-signed the contract without thinking whether they could buy better kit in the new colour.

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The helmet is spot on. And just what was needed. RM are being issued the new yank FAST helmets though.

They took on board what was reported back and the daysack is massively improved but I would still take my Predator anyday.

Ah, yea the side pouches will be fine. I thought someone had mentioned earlier about the actual Bergan. Not the best for carrying kit at all.