MTP Daysack

Does anyone know where I can get a decent MTP (not multicam) daysack for a reasonable price? All the ones i’ve seen are “multi terrain” meaning multicam/btp but i’ve not seen any good MTP ones for <£50.

Can I ask the obvious question here of “does it really matter?”. MTP is close enough to multicam that no-one is likely to (a) notice or (b) care, and given that it’s a rucksack you could quite easily get away with OG, DPM or tan anyway.

In simple terms, the only kit you’re ever likely to find in MTP is issue kit, and if you want to buy it new then it will be reasonably-priced (£50 is a reasonable price for a daysack). What you seem to want is one for a cheap price, which will either be second-hand or less than brilliant.

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Yes, cheap may be the term :sweat_smile:
Does it really matter? Probably not, but i’m curious as i’ve been wondering and i’ve been asked recently.

I’d take the same view as Matt - firstly that given the available alternatives, you don’t really need an MTP daysack, and that secondly if you can get an MTP daysack for £50, it will be pretty wrecked.

My advice: get a second hand olive green daysack from fleabay - Berghaus Munro, Karrimor Sabre and the like - and an MTP/whatever cover for it. You’ll save a fortune (I bought a used Sabre 45 recently for about £30 - it’s in great nick and probably has another 20 years use left in it).

Every penny you save can be used to buy better gear - better boots, better rucksacks (again, on fleabay there are Berghaus Roc,'s, Vulcan and Crusaders, Karrimor Condor etc… going for £60, all of which are far better sacs than the issue Bergen, the Roc for example being less than half the weight…

You can also use an olive green sac in town, or on a walk in Snowdonia without looking like a loon.

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You can also use an olive green sac in town, or on a walk in Snowdonia without looking like a loon. And in these days with highten security and maybe camps to NI etc a plain green or black one is fine


In our city, there are a huge number of different age groups wearing / using kit that are a multitude of different pattern types - DPM / multicam / MTP / desert / digital / splinter - you stand out more if you have got an camo-kit on! :wink:

I agree with Matt. I’m assuming you are a Cadet, and so really it doesn’t matter, even for fieldcraft, as long as it’s not day glo pink or a Tesco carrier bag.

But your question is a fair one, there are some really honking camo bags out there that are nothing like MTP. Here are some options:
1.Buy an issue pack from Fleabay or your local surplus outlet (either the PRI 45L infantry bergen, or the DCC Daysack). But don’t pay over the odds, the DCC goes for silly money.
2. Get a daysack from a maker that claims to use ‘official’ MTP material. Do a search online - there are some well priced options - bit buyer beware so buy from someone that accepts returns.
4. Get a pack in genuine Crye Multicam (it will have a label on it saying so). You will pay a bit more than for a ‘mtp compatible’ pack but it will work with MTP, as MTP is based on the Crye pattern. There is some really good kit in multicam, lots of regulars use it.
5. Get a pack in tan, green or even black and buy a genuine MTP cover. About £6 online. They’re described as covers for side pouches but will fit most packs in the 30-40L size.
6. Get a pack in DPM, like the NI patrol pack. Cheap as chips, totally ally and Cadet proof.

Hope that helps


I agree with all the points above. But if your desperate try these:,17155,16587

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An issue with the Viper packs is the back is a completely open mesh and not even sweat proof let alone waterproof. To be fair they call it a garrison pack so maybe not meant to be used Outdoors! I bought one and returned it. I have a similar one which is more robust but unbranded, which I appreciate won’t help the OP.

Everything in your daysack/bergan should be waterproofed individually and as a whole. So it doesn’t matter.

If you want one in MTP it would be one of the issue daysacks. They are perfectly fine but are a bit on the large side. I would suggest a decent 30-35L daysack in tan/OG/multicam instead. I second the recommendation for the SF Sabre 30 above. I have a Predator 30 (basically the same as the sabre except it has molle loops on it) and it is a great daysack.

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Don’t suppose you know the names of the issue daysacks and how many there are?

There are a few. The main ones are the “45 Litre Infantry Bergen (MTP)” AKA the “Karrimor SF Predator 45”*, and the “DCC Daysack” (not sure of the official designation). You won’t get a DCC Daysack for a reasonable amount and the Predator 45 is 45L, as I said.

*N.B. there are a couple of minor differences between the issue daysack and the Predator 45, but it is basically the same thing.


Many thanks

I just checked a label and it is apparently just “DCC Daysack”. Still, you won’t get one in good condition for under £50. Be careful on ebay, there is a seller who keeps listing gash faulty kit for way too much money (he/she doesn’t hide the fact that it is faulty, but it is too much money for faulty kit).

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It’s more of a bergan than a daysack.

45ltr is fine for a winter walking/mountaineering daysack, or as a group leaders daysack, but its very big for a cadet daysack - it’ll either flap about like a mad thing or get filled up with kitchen sinks.

30/35ltr is fine for a cadet daysack - it’ll take all the food, drink, waterproofs, softie and equipment a cadet would need for a 16 hour day on the hill/training area in winter.

My 45ltr will do me for a 3 day bothy trip in spring/summer/autumn or an overnight trip in winter.

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The issue 45L Infantry one has PRI (the maker) on the label. The Karrimor SF one has a waist belt, issue one doesn’t.
The Sabre as above is also excellent.
If you want a cheaper option the two makers I found online saying their kit uses the same material as official MTP are Alpha Tactical and Maurader.

if anyone wants a very Gucci Christmas…


In a more Cadet friendly price bracket, BCB have their 25L and 35L daysacks on offer at the moment.
Green 25L is £20, multicam £36.

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