RAF Air Cadets Mission Directive 2019


I am just a CFAV… a scout leader with a smarter uniform…

Which makes me ask why CFAVs with no regular service get married in No1s… have you ever seen a scout leader get married in their neckerchief?


Shall we get back to the Mission Directive? :wink:


i would guess the same reason CFAVs turn up to a CFAV’s funeral in No1s…

because they can…


As blunt as is sounds, that is all we have ever been…


Sorry, but if you as a officer in the air cadets was giving it the big I am about being in ‘the reserves’ you’re no different to a Walt.


Did I say that?
DId I ?
I have never ever done anything like that!

guess what, you have lit the blue touch paper there


Let’s just quench that smouldering blue paper right now…


I used to be very specific when I either told people or if people asked.

I would say “I am commissioned into the Volunteer Reserves, training branch and my role within that Is to run an Air Cadet Sqn”.
Only truth and no walting.
Furthermore I would very happy to explain what the remit of the org was as it often led to more recruits etc.

Now I say I hold a Cadet Forces Commission and my role is to run an Air Cadet Sqn.
Again only truth and no walting.

But I agree, anyone who said “yeah mate I’m in the reserves and all” is an idiot.

Say it like it is and be proud of it.
(Doesn’t mean I don’t miss the VR(T) though)


Is “i am a volunteer in the Air Cadets” not good enough?

If i walked into an officers mess and i got questioned (which does happen) about what i do, saying i am an Air Cadet instructor normally elicits a conversation and normally gets an invite to visit wherever they work with the cadets.

I get the feeling that responding with “i hold a Cadet Forces Commission and my role is to run an Air Cadet Sqn” would see me sitting billy no mates in the corner.


You’re being a bit picky.
Obviously NOT in military circles where it is usually known what cadets are!

For example in an interview or if a work colleague asks or someone who doesn’t work in the military.

Really feels like you have to spell things out in chapter and verse with legal backing on here.

I hold a Commision.


“I work with the Air Cadets” usually does it for me.

I don’t hold a commission of any sort, but I do not expect that my response to questions would differ if I did.
Nuance and detail would only creep in if the conversation became more involved for whatever reason.


I was an RAF VR(T) officer and was proud of it and what I did and in all my years commissioned the only people who referred to me as a RAF officer or Reserve Officer was RAF personnel usually senior officers who were passing off some crappy job they didn’t want to to do


corrected (in bold) for response to questioning


TBF, if you find me on an RAF station, I’ve been voluntold to be there! :wink:


Forced to travel to a station?

Work = Force x Distance :wink:


Liar. You’d still refuse.


To quote you…




The annual HQ RAFAC “Aviation Customer Executive Board” was held on Weds at Cranwell, so I would expect an update via respective WAvnO in the near future.

So, hopefully we are part of the “customer” base… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Can someone post any update on here, seeing as our WAvO isn’t particularly forthcoming with any info ever.


Remember, information is power. Don’t devolve that information you retain the upper hand therefore power.