RAF Air Cadets Mission Directive 2019

From the Commandant.
“My 2019 priorities are: continue to recover the 2FTS gliding capability.”

So what picture do they use at the bottom of the mission directive? You guessed it, a picture of an aircraft they scrapped last year!!

You couldn’t write it…
But they have!

I would have thought, given the state of staff numbers and the ongoing difficulties of recruitment in my Wing (at least), that this would have sufficed:


the key word i question in bold…why not “complete”???


Goals should be realistic and achievable!


Specific and measurable too…

“Continue” is a get out of jail free card when adding 1 extra glider to the fleet will be celebrating as “doubling the capability” at 6XXVGS at RAF Flatlandshire.


“Continue” is measurable! Did the process “continue” (ie, was progress made), or did it not?

Not specific though. +1 or +100. Both are numbers above where we are now.

I’d have preferred “let’s not making anything worse for gliding” - it at least gives a more accurate bench line measurement!

It is just a fluffy, corporate mission statement. We will not be formally assessing them on their performance. Judging them, sure; not actually assessing.

Not forgetting timely, like 2 years ago if not more

does this imply that it is not realistic or achievable to complete the gliding recovery in 2019?

take away all the contributing factors of the past, based on the situation today, is it not possible to complete the process in 12 months - 11 months as of tomorrow?

how bad is the situation really that its taken years of a “pause” to find a solution and more than 12 months to implement something which we’ve been told is “being worked on”…

the VGS/Gliding situation is a farce that even now, after years of debacle and 100s if not 1000s of articles in the press (aviation or national papers) not to mention dozens and dozens of comments online in forums and the bottom half of the internet that now no one wants to commit to any date knowing full well that it will be missed (the MOD way) but that anything “realistic” will still be seen as a let down of the situation…

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If it works anything like the shooting world I expect a stream of calamities and catastrophes that render it impossible to achieve any goal.

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Disagree. There’s nothing corporate about it.

If I presented that at my workplace I’d be told to go away and not make it look like a 5 year old put it together. It looks awful and reads worse.


I have seen worse in use by companies.

Not on Facebook yet, someone’s slipping.

The very notion of a mission and or vision statement is a sign that you are on the slippery slope … downwards or at the very least staying where you are. We’ve had both at work for well over 20 years and no one, even the people who write them, can’t say what they are, let alone mean. As a result of all thus wonderous thinking, we are still doing the basically doing the same thing … making things and selling them.

The wording means that get one more and AOC 22Gp will be happy and bonuses and moves to the next gong assured. No challenge. I wish I could set my “targets” at work to be that banal. If sat there and said “you know that thing I’ve been trying to do for 5 years, my target will be having another go at trying to do that”, my manager would give me a look which would only be interpreted in one way.

How about HQAC/ACMB’s target being, “properly addressing staff recruitment and retention”, now there’s something to get their teeth into. Rather than some “rubbish” about … might, if we can, but no real guarantees around something they haven’t been able to affect for nigh on 5 years.

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Not necessairly true. My team at work have a missiom statement and we are the industry leaders in what we do. Only going up and making leaps and bounds of progress…

Before we had a vision / mission statement at work, we did things well and making profits and the fact that someone thought we needed one didn’t alter that one iota.
The Air Cadets has a perfect vision / mission statement it called “venture adventure”, and was good enough for decades and we lived by it. All these other words are just meaningless empty words.

In this instance HQAC have gone for something they feel they might now be able to achieve and people will be excited if they do, which will make them look unusually good. Five years on.

to be far to CAC the first listed priority is

Recruit and retain qualified and motivated CFAVs

Where is everyone reading this mission directive?