RAF Air Cadets Mission Directive 2019


From the rule book of most wso’s.


Might be easier and quicker to put in an FOI request.


Glad to see HQ RAFAC take note that the volunteer can take time off during the week…


But of course, normal fees will apply. :wink:

The clue is probably in the name - Executive - not mere CFAVs… :shushing_face:


Just misses out the people most in contact with the most important people in the ACO. Some people forget that they are in the ACO to provide opportunities to cadets not polish a chair at Sleaford Tech or make money or status from FTRS.


I know the CCF rep at least is Volunteer who works blooming hard along his role as a full time teacher and Contingent commander. So your criticism isn’t quite valid.


Most schools allow teachers time off to attend relevant meetings.
If they’re a contingent commander in a school CCF, the meeting could be justified.
Then there is proximity to Cranwell. Live within an hour’s drive would make it justifiable, unless you have loads of days holidays to use up.