RAF Air Cadets Mission Directive 2019



Though I had it spammed out by email initially.


I HATE being called a CFAV! I much rather be called adult staff


is the inclusion of “Adult” necessary specifics?

are there “Child Staff”???


well, there are staff cadets so it could get confusing


Whats your issue with CFAV?


When I read CFAV, I feel that I am being called a ‘thing’ rather than a person. I feel it very demeaning and the way people in ivory towers use it to describe people who spend most of their free time doing things and thinking about the organisation.


We’re all volunteers, staff to me insinuates paid positions (full time or part time).

Or does it rather just say more about how you feel about the Ivory Towers themselves?


In my workplace we make a distinct effort to say colleagues rather than staff, due to the connotations of being underlings/minions rather than equals. It’s subtle, but it makes a difference.


You hit on something there mp1;
Cranwell started calling us CFAVs from the time when they decided to get rid of the VRTs
2 things I didn’t like being merged together.
I must admit I have lost all respect for those in the ITs


It was a lot earlier than that. Didn’t they start issuing F1250’s/MOD90’s with the suffix ‘CFAV’ around 2013\14?


my MOD F90 has had CFAV written on it for years…!

i wouldn’t say it is a new phrase and certainly not as recent as the debanding of the VRT from the ACO/RAFAC


Only if you’ve an officer. I’ve seen others with Sgt ATC


Sounds like some ASDA-type guff to me.


Not a million miles away, but hey, it’s only an organisation of 150,000 people, so what does it know?


It is cheaper to give people a nicer job title and make them feel loved, than it is to actually treat them well. Don’t fall for the spin: they are still staff/employees.

Just like the mission directive, it is a veneer.


My old 1250 Said:- “Royal Air Force Reserve”



this is why i indicated MOD F90

i do recall one VRT getting emotional when the F1250s went out F90s came in and their “status” on their new ID changed from Reserve to “Cadet Forces”


Yes Steve, I was proud of my RAFR 1250 status, and my scroll from the Queen.
Now, i feel I am looked upon as just a CFAV, sorry but that’s the way I feel.
It hasn’t stopped me working with cadets, but I don’t feel part of the higher organisation any more.


That is the intention behind the CFC process


I have always looked upon you and your ilk as “just a CFAV”, but don’t take the word “just” to be belittling in anyway.