Quick Questions…

The ACTO says they need to do an instructor course, apparently it is covered in the Gold course now and they have instructors numbers. So I had to let them deliver it. That’s as much as I can say on here.

If they are running the bronze instructor course on the gold course, then why shouldn’t they be able to teach bronze? At that point, they meet the criteria as per the ACTO.

To be honest, wasn’t aware they were running the BI course on the Gold Course

Exactly that - and without going into too much detail here, it wasn’t clear that the last lot actually were trained to deliver it given some of the questions they asked.

so i checked and apparently, the bronze instructor course is now included with QAIC this year.

Is May 19 the latest version of the TOPL form please?

It’ll be what ever the latest version of JSP 907 is. I know that doesn’t really help though :sweat_smile:

North Region have a good AT portal with this sort of stuff on there, so if May 19 is the latest on there, then I’d go with that.

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Changing it up, and having some fun and debate here… after lots of negative on here…

Having had a bit of a random shuffle going on, while writing an admin order…

Best vocalist?

Freddie Mercury


George Michael

Floor Jansen.



Gets my vote - amazing octave range with staggering characteristics.

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Neither, both over rated

Freddie isn’t over rated.

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I think he is, queen generally are and over played

Have you seen/heard her performance at Wacken Open Air 2013?

Many times

Where’ve you gone to to get branded even shelters/gazebo’s?
What would you recommend?

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Was not expecting that answer on here!!!

Oh and yes :grinning:

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We went to Rock Awnings and got the Hex 45.

Pretty happy with it. Frame is good, canvas is tough, printing seems pretty sound and looks good.

Had a snag where the font used on the back wall wasn’t as per the authorised drawings. Sent them a photo and was replaced quickly no questions.


Im sure there is a proper reason why we dont mirror shine boots (at least my and local sqns dont) is it due to the no2 parade shoes being the presentational uniform as the army ( i know they have other uniforms!) Polish boots as they are in there mpts generally all the time but why arent we allowed to mirror shine boots/needed to