Quick Questions…

There have been a few times where a quick question, that doesn’t warrant having a thread on its own, has needed to be asked. However, there’s been nowhere dedicated to asking them, so other threads can get clogged up.

If you have a quick question, why not ask it here? Any questions that do then generate a significant response can be spun off into a separate thread.

I’ll start, and this is a quick question because I expect the answer to be no.

QQ: Does anyone here use Starlink?

Not me.

How often do ACCers check their mandatorily training on the volunteer portal?

No to Starlink, but I know many in Ukr who do.

I check the mandatory training when I login to Volunteer Portal, but not as a matter of course. Did just get mine all squared away though.

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Whats the meaning of life?

When I know ones due and when I do my Business Insurance update. If anything is within a couple of months and I have the time I will just do it then to get it out the way

and No to Starlink


Surley everyone knows that :wink: (Added as response must be 5 chars)


I think the best logic is even if it’s a quick question, just make a thread! Then if it spirals into a long conversation then it’s already a thread. Otherwise the mods will end up spending half their time splitting out threads where we’ve gone off on a tangent. As if they’re not already doing that! :rofl:

As for Starlink, no, I currently don’t use it. But from everyone I know that has used it, it’s been pretty game changing.

HQAC actually have one themselves, paid for out the GPF to trial for use at large public facing events where we bring all the flight sims/laptops and stuff. From what I’ve heard, it works extremely well for that use-case.

Being able to set-up a fast, reliable and low-latency connection pretty much anywhere is great imo.

If you’re not already, come and join the e-sports teams channel where it has been discussed :grin:

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42 is not the answer to What is the meaning of life?

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Unfortunately, no one knows what the question is

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I have heard from a reliable source that they’re negotiating a large scale contract at present for something like 400 terminals, for around half of the monthly cost per site as it would cost for residential use.


I’ve a quarterly email that goes out to the whole wing to act as a reminder to check in VP. Otherwise I see that it’s still all green on login when i log an absence or have a workflow to approve.

Still doesnt mean i check :wink:

How many roads must a man walk down?

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PS this went south very quickly, didn’t it?


You’ve asked 2 quick questions, doesn’t that prove the value of the thread?

I Road March down roads not walk

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Are Air Fryers worth it?


(quick question deserving a quick answer! :wink:)

Have the dual one and its great for 2-3 persons. pre heats quicker, cooks quicker and uses less energy than the cooker so its a win for us at least.

Simple with frozen stuff but I like to cook a lot of fresh stuff in it, there are planty of great sites and books for inspiration :slight_smile:


This is the area of uncertainty for me… so its not just all chicken nuggets, fish fingers and chips?

They take up quite a bit of space though… especially those double ones?

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Love mine and barely use the oven now. Between the BBQ and air fryer I can cook 90% of what I eat.

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