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In that case I would seriously recommend chucking a cat5/5e cable from the attic to where the router is.

I can even give you the bits, but you’ll need to drill your own holes.

Running it externally will be fine with the right grade of cable and might be the shortest route.

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IP Over Power is your cheap and cheerful friend! It’ll definitely do the job!


he calls it a home, but it has three floors, the rest of us call it Hurst Castle


To be fair I forgot about that, as the electrics in my house mean it would never work!


does the job, no mess

Yep. It has a bad rep as the first iterations were part rubbish. But modern powerline kit is extremely good. I use it at home, and have only ever had 1 or 2 issues.

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I’ve been surprised at just how well our system DOES work - our electrical system is really REALLY complicated - using 3 separate electrical systems, generators, solar, 12V batteries, invertors and DC and AC systems!

We’ve managed to use IPoP to get a plug in adaptor 200m away previously - no drama; and on entirely separate circuits by “bridging” (using two plug in adaptors on separate electrical circuits and connecting them via a Cat5 cable!).

We’re now even more “off grid” as it’s a 4G router powering the IPoP!

Having said that, if you’re an electrician or work for the NFU Insurance team and you’re reading this - this definitely didn’t happen. M’kay.


Interesting, I have 2 separate fuse boxes so it wasn’t much good. So put Ethernet in when we did our extension.

Damn. That’s some big brain thinking going on there, I’m impressed!


About 10 mins from there!

Giving this whirl with a TP Link AV600 arriving tomorrow.

Good reviews and on offer with amazon

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I have OpenReach coming out tomorrow. Not sure what it’ll achieve unless I can convince them to replace 500 metres of copper wiring with fibre optic cabling at their expense, but I’ll entertain them for a laugh.

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They came out to ours a while back and replaced many, many meters of copper wire with many meters of new copper wire.

Only to discover the fault was a defective patch cable in the cabinet that probably cost 50p.

We were quoted £55,000 to install fibre optic to us… But it’s close to 1km of cabling.

If we want mains electricity it’s £150,000. Again, 1km of cabling to get to “a public area”. To go from the “public area” to the point at which they can plug us in to the national grid us a good 2km run - of which they are kindly willing to waive the cost of the cable! What they won’t waive is the expense of a traffic management system to shut one lane of an A-class road for up to a month whilst they dig trenches and lay infrastructure.

And that’s why we’re off-grid!!!

That’s your annual boat budget isn’t it?

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Quick question

I saw some really nice RAFAC branded shooting posters recently with marksmanship principles and the different weapons systems cadets can fire. I’ve had a look on the training hub shooting part of sharepoint but does anyone know where they might be hidden before I try to recreate them? They were blue text which made them look very RAF rather than army with the 4 principles and a little symbols for each such as an eye or a round

Does anyone know what form we’re supposed to use to reclaim the cost of No.1 jacket re-ranking? Is it a 1771?

Isnt a form headed paper with the receipt attached with a few sentence listing what you are wanting with wet signature is standard process locally.

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