Prince Philip has died aged 99

The sad news has just been announced. RIP.


Looks like we’ve all got a rather large funeral to observe


Seen. RIP.

Although I’m not sure anyone is surprised, as heartless as that sounds.

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Not heartless, just realistic - I don’t know any 99 year old that could go into hospital for a heart op and come out even for just a few weeks after.


Such sad news but he had an amazing innings. He will be sorely missed.


Kind of a shame he didn’t make it to 100. He still kept pretty busy up until very recently considering his age and health which is a credit to his mentality.

Quick nudge to all keep it respectful please. Denise is probably pulling a draft out already so let’s not be the reason she adds something extra.


it’s already out (some Wg MCOs are obvs quicker than others!)

New York Times have already published their lengthy obituary:

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They all will have, Obits like this are updated on an ongoing basis, just polish off the last para, and done.

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BBC too:

Actually quite emotional (maybe not the right word) starting to read it. Very upsetting day :frowning:

I met him a couple of times - visits to units and stuff - he was deliciously funny, self-depreciating, sharp as a pin, and had killed Nazi’s.

I liked him a lot.


Yeh - although I was probably a little surprised how in depth the NYT one was. The BBC one wasn’t as prominent immediately

Does it contain something more than “Wait. Out”?
Because that’s all I’m getting here.

We’ve had the images to put on SM

Can we get a link shared. Thanks

That’s all I’ve seen too from OC wing. (Are we in the same wing? :stuck_out_tongue:)

We’re these not published before? If not, care to share?

they were sent as attachments, not sharepoint links - it looks like what we’ve been sent is probably pre-written template text

Wont see anything till after the funeral here then… :man_facepalming:


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I dont want to be callous and I’m a royalist. But I hope there isnt some bull about pausing activity or anything like that.