Platinum Jubilee

How long have you been in or associated with, the Air Cadets?

We’ve now had an answer from HQ about T2… they don’t know!

I have been in contact with Worcester medals who made them all… they haven’t been asked to make anymore, so what is out there is out there.

the same company that has said they are not making the coronation medal. wonder if the government have placed contract elsewhere or there just won’t be one. i know where my bet lies

The answer is probably still the same, but has anyone had an update on the T2 medals?


Absolutely nothing. Its a joke

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After speaking to someone at Cranditz yesterday, the issuing of medals is in the hands of the MOD and the medal office. For those of us who are still VRT, it’s in the hands of Air Command as to what our qualifying criteria is as we sit in a grey area between RAFAC and RAFR and, apart from being missed off the lists completely, it would appear no-one has yet made the decision as to what our qualifying period is. RAFAC have provided Air with all the relevant info and a full list of those who ‘should’ qualify based on the issue of the QDJM but it’s now out of their hands.

You know, it’s good to get the BLUF from the horse’s mouth.

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I understand there was a meeting today (2* medal forum) about this matter. Any news yet?

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