Platinum Jubilee

So it’s official some of you out there will probably be getting another bit of bling. Assuming it’s 5years service like the others I’ll miss out by a month or so because of HQAC paperwork delays, unless they count staff cadet service towards it like they do for the CFM.

But more importantly there is an extra bank holiday so a nice four day weekend in June. Hopefully we’ll be out of social distancing by then!

2020? think you’ve got that URL wrong . . .

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Thank you. Corrected now!

Already submitted my leave request for the Mon-We’d :grin:


Will be compulsory double time for me, hope it doesn’t rain like the last one!

Suprised they aren’t doing anything next year for Phil the Greek turning 100.

National Demolition Derby Day


I guess if HM passes before then the bling will not be issued??

I would have thought so!

In which case we get a Coronation Medal and a Bank Holiday instead.

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Or a Republic medal and a bank holiday. :wink:

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Get in the Sea!


Melted down and rebadged for a Coronation Medal. Waste not want not.


Don’t forget that it is normally 5 years from accession day, which is the 6th Feb.

As to it including cadet service, then I believe it does. I have a friend who gained a VR(T) commission in 1999,who was subsequently awarded the Golden Jubiliee medal. The only way that would have been possible is if his 18+. cadet service was taken into accout.

Personally, I missed out on the Golden Jubilee medal by about, a week. :joy:

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So apparently the design is out on MODNET. The ribbon is going to be the same as the QEII Coronation medal except the two central blue stripes will be merged into one.
Betty’s face on the obverse and the royal crest with 1952 - 2022 on the reverse.


Not seen any yet. Just the comments on a medal collecting group. But this is the coronation medal1953-coronation-medal-lrg_2_4


So ribbon will look something like this then?



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Yeah, that’s my understanding. Though maybe someone with MODNET access can confirm.

People getting very excited over a medal it hasnt even been confirmed that we will recieve yet…

I know it’s unlikely I’ll receive it whatever, but I know plenty of people on here are interested in it either because they hope to get it, or because they are interested in numismatics.

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