Office365 Migration - how's it going?


Have any other user of eM Client found that it’s stopped working with Bader mail?

Yesterday evening it started asking for the password for my SNCO account and would not accept the correct (and tested working with OWA) password at all, though the Adj account continued to work fine.

Today I’ve arrived at the Sqn to find that here it won’t accept the passwords for either of the accounts.

In addition I found that the client I use on my phone and tablet was playing up for one account on the tablet the other day, whilst the phone still seems to work fine on all.

Does anyone know if something has been changed server-side?


I had a glitch on my phone (android) recently with one of my Bader accounts in Outlook ceasing to synchronise, while another account worked fine throughout. web access was normal.

Clearing the cache didn’t sort it, nor did removing it from the mobile devices list through the web account settings for the account. Removing the account from the phone gave me an error when I tried to re-add it initially, until I rebooted the phone and tried adding it again.


Yes, same - opened it up this morning and it keeps asking for the password.


I’m glad it’s not just me.

Though, the question then is: Is this just a temporary glitch, or are we now being further restricted in this continuing farce of a system?


Ah you have it all wrong… on MODNet if you type in the GAL for eg: BSN-STN ACLO this will come up as a SG account and not a valid email address (Have look at QRG 89 in DefNet) however what you can do to ensure the email does go the person that has the role of BSN-STN ACLO is to type this in the TO field of the emai and press control K this will come up with the 2 accounts to chose from the top one being the SG account and the bottom one being the valid persons MODNet email address that is associated to the role.