Office365 Migration - how's it going?

I have not yet migrated to Office365 mail, but I guess some people already have.
If you have, how did it go? Were there any real pitfalls or problems with the process? How was your experience?

(I am not interested in the pros and cons of the move or limitations on mail clients.)

Users are needing to clear the cache on their browser following migration so that they are directed to the new location of the mailbox.

There are some comments on Twitter about this.

I’ve not migrated yet, 2 weeks to go…

I got migrated yesterday. Had to do the clear cache thing, but also had to clear cookies before it actually worked (Chrome browser).

Contrary to expectations, my inbuilt iOS mail app is still working. Connection from my full PC Outlook client is now broken though as informed. Another user on squadron has said his Office 365 App on Android has stopped working (deleted all his credentials) and currently hasn’t fixed it.

You can download Skype for Business from the web page, but not all the other Office 365 apps, which was about the only improvement I thought we might get - guess that didn’t come with the package.

I still hope there’s some way of hooking up the PC Outlook eventually, as that really was the best way of working with mail.

I am not migrated yet but have started getting loads of spam as that seems to have been turned off now. Are others finding this?

I had a couple of spoofed emails come in to the general account on Monday, but I haven’t seen a notable increase. I would like a mechanism for reporting them though.

I would be surprised if they had disabled anti-spam on the old system and can think of no reason to do so - I would expect more spam on the new system until it stabilises.

I’ve had some people say they’ve tried emailing but got a bounce back with an email account doesn’t exist message.

My Dii computer took 2 days to migrate!

This will stop working when they lock the settings down.

I’ve been on 365 for the trial and now had some other accounts migrated.

Not have the desktop outlook sucks massively for people with a few accounts to monitor. This should be less of an issue when we finally get the unified inbox but the migration had to happen first.

The biggest moan I’ve seen is the lack of ability to sync the calendar with a 3rd party app meaning those who use a gmail calendar app or like myself fantastical can no longer have it all in one view on a device unless you add all your other calendars to the outlook app on the mobile device.

I find the outlook app’s calendar quite poor too.

Agree, it’s rubbish.

I’ve taken to just using my gmail calendar for ACO events also and manually transposing meeting requests etc across.

Wonderful. I won’t be bothering with the 365 app. I track five other mailboxes outside of cadets, and all of those work in the iOS app, and make it possible. I do the same on my PC and laptop using Outlook. If I’ve got to use the web interface for cadets, that’s fine, but everyone will just have to respect that will just be once or twice a day when I get chance at a PC.

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Delete the account and re-add in Gmail app as an Office365 account. Calendar will then sync.

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Any email client that uses Exchanges ActiveSync (such as iOS Mail) should continue to work. This is why the Windows 10 Mail app works, as it uses ActiveSync rather than the full Exchange.

How many asking about compatibility with mobile devices are among those who find the admin burden of the organisation onerous?
There seems to be a rush to access ATC emails everywhere, which by its very nature is distracting and increasing the pressure to do things, now. My WSO is fully aware that I will look at cadet emails for 20 minutes on a parade night and do as I do at work, prioritise. Not particularly happy, but I have a life away from the ATC and that is become more important as the kids have got older and less and less dependent, meaning the wife and I go out more. They have my home phone number if it’s really important.
The problem with being contactable 24/7 especially in respect to the Air Cadets that if it more people do it, it becomes the expected norm, which then exerts a sort of peer pressure for everyone to do the same.
As soon as a mobile rings, pings or whatever noise we attribute to the function, there is a rush to look at it immediately or at the soonest point. Sitting in the office or at home if one of the kids are there it’s stop doing whatever to look at it, mostly social media. My phone sits in my locker all day. If anyone wants to get hold of me, if they have my work number they use that.
I would accept the criticism that I post on here, but on many occasions I write responses as with this one, on Word, and put it on when I get the chance.

Surely the only response you can expect for this is, “you do you”
Everyone finds the way that they are happy to work, be it in their actual work lives or in their volunteer lives, if you don’t want cadet email on your phone or desktop then that’s fine, there is noone forcing you to.

If it becomes how many people operate there can almost be an expectation that everyone does.
As you say people can choose. However given the comments about admin burden and email being a major source of this, I can’t fathom the burning desire to pick up email on a phone, unless it is a company phone and you have a job that demands that you are contactable 24/7.

I for one can hardly wait for migration date!
I’m so looking forward to no longer being able to efficiently monitor 4 bader accounts all in the same instance of Outlook.
Archiving emails will now prove to be great fun. Instead of that dull, easy, “drag and drop” approach that we’ve been used to we’ll now be forced to do everything the long way around by “printing” them to PDF.
Putting in more time and effort in the name of “progress” is what I live for.

And we can now get Skype for Business for free too!! Fantastic. Considering that we have absolutely no need for Skype at all and have managed perfectly without it for all these years it really is the perfect consolation prize for being forced into using a crippled email system.

[/sarcasticmode] :wink:

I have been transitioned. It is all so much less efficient and professional.


Working fine here, though I use O365 for work so it’s familiar.

Still won’t let me add my BADER email to my work one as a ‘connected account’. I wish they would allow this - as I have two BADER roles it would be jolly handy to keep everything in the one inbox. (Cadetmail allows this so my Cadetmail account comes into my work inbox just fine…)

Have to say it seems like a backward step.My acct has migrated and its a pain.Was so much quicker the way it was before.I use 365 at work as well and im not a fan.Wonder what the next change they will bring in will be.For me theres been way too many in too short a time.