Office365 Migration - how's it going?



My experience is that companies do not ‘turn on’ features when it comes to IT.


Has anyone actually managed to set up air cadets emails on EM Client? Not having much luck.


Yes, I have two accounts setup

  1. Menu -> Tools -> Account

  2. Click on Mail Tab and chose Exchange

  3. Enter email address into both email address and username, and password into password

  4. Click next and it will try to obtain ‘server configuration records’ - this used to time out, but now doesn’t seem to. I had to disconnect from internet to get it to show the Server Box

  5. Once you have the server box enter

  6. Finish the final steps and it should work.


Standby forSharepoint meltdown. Generic email to all Bader accounts saying O365 migration will happen en masse starting 12 Oct 18.


I’ve got an O365 account for something else, will this try and overwrite it or sod it up in any way?


No, when you access the bader domains you are redirected to their login pages.


I had some issues with my personal O365 software that was co-incident with trying to get mail running in MS Mail. Since I gave up on that plan and decided to use webmail instead I have had no such issues, though I do not mix O365 systems.

From what I have seen, you should be offered logins to the different systems at log-in time, but single-sign-on seems to disrupt attempts to monitor multiple accounts concurrently on the same browser, leading me to use different browsers (or anon browser sessions) if I need to monitor multiple accounts.


Does anybody know if we get access to Microsoft Planning through our O365 licence?

Just started a new job where it’s used and seems like a sensible way of doing things.


Yep - i just googled it and it logged me into the RAFAC version as I was already in Mail.

Oh wait… tried to create a new plan and it’s disabled. Licensing again I guess.


Not enabled as yet… suspect it’s a latter part of the migration


Interesting- never looked at that; we appear to be paying for it at work and no-one is using it…


I’ve not been there long enough to give a proper evaluation but seems like a good way of doing things so far.


Just stumbled across this on the Microsoft website. Do you think we got a discount in return for MS doing a big good will article about us?


The organisation is using Microsoft 365 to help its 12,000 volunteers spend less time filling out paperwork and more time offering cadets flying and aviation experiences.

Hahahahahahaha. Good one.


Should this be reported to the advertising standards agency as entirely false?


We’re using the free licenses anyway, they only have a few paid for licenses for permanent staff and no doubt they get MOD discount on those anyway.


We aren’t using free licences. We have Office 365 F1 Licenses which has a charge associated against them.


…and permanent staff will be on modnet and will not be provided software from the RAFAC agreement.


There is a reason that we don’t pay for them, can’t remember if it’s charity or government status.

There is definitely a small amount of paid licenses available seperate to modnet that allow us a higher access as I had one allocated to me for early access to some of the features for testing.


If the word of the man who manages the IT purchases is to be trusted, and I believe that it is, then we definitely pay for them. One of the obstacles to getting more features is precisely because the money available currently just permits the F1 license.

If the organisation can get more money, or can pay less for the licences we do buy, then there is a chance that we get a better license with more features.