Office365 Migration - how's it going?



Does anyone know the settings for Outlook? Not having any luck setting it up automatically.


You can no longer use Outlook. You can however use Windows 10 Mail, or other email applications that use ActiveSync, such as eM Client ( The Server address if it asks is


Great, that’s progress then :roll_eyes:

Anything that will run on Win7?


eM Client should work on Windows 7


Er, thanks - what is it? And is it free?



Link in my original post on May 5th and Phyllis_Stein has posted it as well.

Its free to use for up to two accounts, although you have to register for a free licence
The email type is Exchange and it will may ask for the server address: .


The Windows 10 mail app has the one advantage that I can have all my Bader mailboxes in one place (although still nowhere near as a efficient as Outlook)… The disadvantage is that it’s clunky and ugly as sin.

The Outlook Web App has no advantage and is both ugly as sin and makes it impossible to have all my Bader mailboxes accessible at once.
I don’t know how they’ve done it, but they’ve created an interface which just blends into nothingness. It’s quite impressive really to be able to display all the same information but in a manner which tricks my brain into thinking it’s looking at a bunch of squiggles on a white page.
I spent a good 5 minutes the other day unsuccessfully “browsing” for a message which I could have found in Outlook in about 3 seconds.

I suppose I’ll give this eM client a try.

I love progress…


Thank for the tip re eM Client!

This could be the saviour. It’s highly customizable so may take some tweaking to get the interface the way I Iike but it shows great promise.


It does seem fairly incredible that MS has released a mail service that doesn’t work on its own software which is only 6 years old, but which can easily work on a free program.


It’s all about licensing with MS. They want you to pay for the higher license to get Outlook access which is a more productive and capable bit of software.


They really are taking the Mickey!


My BADER mail is now being blocked by the corporate internet filter with the message “Error whilst reading server handshake”. Looks like they made changes earlier today and it has killed my access. Grrr.


I was getting an SSL handshake error yesterday which seemed to be related to an out-of-date bookmark. (as per the link) seems to be working.


Hi - we migrated several weeks ago with no problem but since yesterday I cant access any of my accounts on 3 separate PCs/Laptops - I have tried accessing on Firefox and Chrome but get as far as login in and then just get a white screen. Any ideas? My phone access still working ok.


What URL are you using to access the mail server?

Have you cleared cookies/history etc?

Tried a chrome incognito window?


usual url for bader landing page
no idea what that is!


Try Will redirect anyway to the STS login




I genuinely hate having to log into Outlook to check my mail.

Bring back autoforwarding!