Office365 Migration - how's it going?



Has anyone any tips on using multiple BADER accounts now as well as O365 for work?

Before, I had a shortcut to ‘’ on my toolbar and could have BADER email open in one tab and my school email (O365) in another. Now, because they are both different O365 accounts, I can’t; and switching between them is a major pain as I have to log out of one before I can use the other. As we aren’t allowed to add BADER accounts using the ‘connected accounts’ feature (which I’ve mentioned before isn’t a problem for Armymail or Cadetmail) this is making my life a misery - even worse with two BADER accounts to use.


You can use InPrivate browsing, but that won’t help with the multiple BADER Accounts


Why do we need O365 accounts?
If we already use O365 why this way?


Well that me offline. Can’t access mail from desktop, laptop or mobile.

Why hasn’t HQAC put the workaround on their Announcement Page!!!

Can someone help please


clear your internet caches and attempt mail on a browser again.

Incy posted earlier about mobile.


Migrated, no email access to TO account, cleared cache on my PC and goes straight to the link to open the account - job done! Far less painful than I thought it would be :+1::smiley:


Cheers :+1:. Just bl00dly annoying


This change has been the best thing to happen for a very long time.

I haven’t read any email and been worried about it for 3 days. I’ve just logged in online to check it still works and I can see I’ve received some, but I won’t be answering them until Monday. Turning off autoforward has been brilliant! :ok_hand:


The Incognito/Private browsing tip was a good one - thanks. This means I can now have both open in separate windows and copy and paste etc. between. Useful as people often email to the wrong account!


Do away with computers… Yes and Ho!


Just by looking, you put that temptation in your way.

I don’t even peek at ATC emails between parades.


I no wanna clear my cache.


Mine appears to have gone down 2 days early…

Edit: Despite the BADER Team saying I’ll be moved over on the morning of the 2nd, they’ve done it between 8.30-9.30 this evening…
Wish they gave an update of the new plan. The computer was going to fly out of the window…


I got moved a day early as well, very frustrating


I have moved to the outlook app on my iphone and it worked for 2 days. It seems the app is now broken as I cant even log into my personal gmail account.

Anyone have any idea what is going on?


Mine migrated yesterday but every time I log in now I get a redirect link I have to click to get to my actual inbox. Is there any way to get rid of this?


But will happily spend days on end on here debating various ATC matters…:eyes::eyes:


I can’t access Bader at work and haven’t been able to since day one.

I don’t look at it at home any more as I was ending up losing ‘family’ time. The tendency was to look and respond or maybe worry about it and think I need to do something now and then it’s all too easy in the modern idyll, for the ATC to take over your life and you get no thanks for it … valuing the volunteer, pah, reducing admin burden, double pah. If HQAC truly valued volunteers it wouldn’t use systems that require almost daily use.
Could I access things via my phone, probably, but I don’t even do personal email on my phone, so the ATC has no chance of getting a look in.

Don’t get me wrong I do things but only if I feel they add something, which might be prepping a lesson, planning things and so on. I’ve been working on something with a local group that I feel the cadets will get a lot out of. But this has all been done over a few beers and emails, work and personal. But the official do this, do that can wait until I’m sitting in the squadron and only then for 10-20 minutes each night. The cadets don’t miss out on anything, as long as those responsible plan it properly and don’t use the email fall back of last minute, which has grown and grown in the Corps, since they discovered email.

Try and remember I go back to the time as an OC, when you got an envelope each week and barring the odd phone call, that was the only contact you had and you know what the organisation worked better than it does now.


If you browse to when you enter the email address it will auto sign in to the O365 Mailbox.

The link will go once the whole organisation is migrated.