Office365 Migration - how's it going?



There are good versions of O365 with many installable apps and features. That isn’t the one RAFAC has gone for, just the crappy, cloud-focussed one. Cost!


Migration of sharepoint to 365 and then unified mailboxes I believe are the next big things.


Sadly we have moved to MODnet which incorporates O365. It’s not that great tbh and all our role specific emails have gone and we now use our personal MOD emails addresses so, for example, if you’re looking to email the ACLO at benson is would be something like Now however, you need to know the persons name so you can email them and if they are no longer in the role, you’d need to find out who the new one is!

How rubbish.


RAF AC will be keeping role addresses but they will direct to the persons personal email.


Will responses to those mails appear to come back from the role or the individual?
Hopefully the general account will be in the form of a shared mailbox, as those won’t want to be directed to any single person.


No idea on either of those points I’m afraid.


Not true on Modnet you can still search by role you just need to put it in the office box when you open the full search window.


Maybe I was asleep when they went through that bit. Lol

Seriously though, that’s good to know. Just to have a personal email address rather than a role specific one would be very foolish


Any idea when these supposed person emails will materialize?


It is phase 3. I would not put any credence on any date in a planning document but wait for helpdesk to announce a date instead.


It’s all feeling increasingly like the underpants gnomes are in charge of this.


I’m not sure it’s that organised. :rolleyes:


Well, that’s my mailbox gone.


Mine has migrated over.
Not recognised on my phone any longer- won’t accept my password- any advice on how to sort that? I hate having to get my laptop out, where it inevitably needs to do an update, to check my emails.


presumably you had it set up on the phone as an exchange mail file as I did.
I needed to remove it then re-add it as an office365 mail file


Brilliant thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try that now.


Was yours on Iphone?




Ah well mine needed readding on the exchange account for some reason- working now though- thanks :slight_smile:


Mine not changed over yet but I have had more junk mail this weekend than I have ever had since BADER email began.