Office 365 Tips

I’ve seen a few people on here discuss some lesser known features of O365 and how they’ve used it to help organise things for their squadron, so I thought I’d make this thread so we can all share.

I’ll start: we use a Microsoft Form to get details of cadets/parents to be added to our waiting list for joining. Power Automate then sends an email to the adjutant who checks the cadet is eligible and responds to them by email if required. Simple but effective :slight_smile:.

Could you take that a stage further and get power automate to do the eligibility check for you and then Notify to email them? :smiley:

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Is this your inner DI coming out? :wink:

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Probably… registering for Notify is on my todo list

I’m sure I could do loads more with these systems you all talk about. “Forms” “Power Automate” “Notify”…

It’s all a mystery to me!


He’s seen the light!!!

I really need to look at power automate…

Anyone care to summarise it in 3 paragraphs or so?

Automates office 365.

I do it at work… SAP emails a scheduled file - > power automate realises that email there then automatically puts into a folder and triggers a batch folder to upload to a sql server

Ok. I got as far as… “I do it at work…”
Then I saw writing…


Set up a trigger - that could be ‘click a button in the phone app’; ‘when an email arrives’; ‘when an MS Form is submitted’; ‘when an item is added to a sharepoint list’; ‘on a particular date’; ‘when an MS planner item is actioned’, &c…

Perform some processing - almost anything

Perform some action - ‘send an email’; ‘create a file’; ‘add an item to a sharepoint list’; ‘prompt someone else to perform an action’; ‘copy it to your personal Google calendar’; …

Basically, if you want to automate some kind of process which in some way involves anything in MS365, Power Automate is how you do it.

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I’m going to look into this over next few days.
See how easy it is to use.

Could probably automate quite a few email responses.

I think that it’s fairly intuitive.
You can either create a flow from scratch or start with one of the many templates.
There are also a lot of helpful tutorials out there.

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There’s an app too - I’ve not played with that too much but looks like it could be useful.

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Maybe someone can help me with a tip:

Recently I have noticed that mail doesn’t underline my spelling errors in red anymore? This is both on my squadron and wing accounts… I’ve checked the settings and they are still marked as check spelling and grammar but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Always been fine up until recently.

Have I missed something?

Does this help?

Just trying again and it seems to be fine in Chrome but not Safari - I have issues with SMS in safari too so it might just be a case of using Chrome for RAFAC stuff!

There are some odd things with Safari, I can’t update the event details in SMS so have to use Chrome.

How do I get the Outlook app to work on my MacBook? It just wants to be in offline mode.

Is there a little grey circle with a white lightning bolt inside? If so, if you click the circle, it should attempt to go back online

Doesn’t allow me to even add my first.last100@ account…