NYHL 2023

Adey Hobson is certainly one of the good guys.

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1 OBE for the whole org. Should have been 10 BEMs instead. Share the love.
Reward CIs too.

Is he a volunteer or a perm? I dont know, so asking.

Quick look at the email directory puts him at 2FTS if that answers your question

So a perm.
Another FTRS / CS getting a gong.




is it really the case that you only get a gong in this org if your are ‘close’ to a 2*?

Just as a bit of balance across all three cadet forces I can’t see any CFAVs getting a national honour (a few for scouts though)

Another thing is that due to covid we haven’t been doing much in general across the cadet forces which means that we don’t have the recent current work requiring recognition.

Out of curiosity is their a max quota for each service which the cadet forces are included in? If so I can see us loosing out more & more.

Only one SNCO/WO…as normal :roll_eyes:

Ah here we go, the twice-yearly grinding of teeth!

Honest questions. Do our colleagues in the Scout Movement or those working in the Local Authority Youth Service moan that they don’t get State recognition? What about the ACF, SCC or VCC? Do they also feel they are hard done by? If the answer is no, why do we feel we’re any different? After all, we often say on here that we’re nothing more than uniformed youth leaders, so why is there an expectation that we should get more than other ‘youth leaders’ do? I recall a previous Regional Commandant C&E of short stature saying he’d never come across such a medal-hungry organisation as us! You just have to look at the comments on the QPMJ thread and the hopes for a KCIII Coronation medal to see why he thought that. Are we over-egging our own pudding?

And by the way, in my experience, State awards to the more junior ranks and by that I mean the lower levels of Orders such as MBEs and OBEs are most definitely earned; I can’t comment on those for the high-priced help


Do they not get recognition? Would be interesting to see how many real state awards (as opposed to AOC Commendations) they get compared to Cadets.

I can’t speak for all of them but when I shared a location with the ACF it was definitely a gripe, they had a really deserving NCO in a neighbouring unit and were getting nothing from above.

I don’t think there is a desire to get more than other youth leaders, it’s a desire for more recognition, no one says “the scouts shouldn’t get awards” everyone says “more people should get proper awards (BEM upwards).

Is this the same one who compared CFAV’s to his own hobby of lorry driving? If so I’m not sure his opinion counts for toffee.

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It would be very interesting to compare across organisations as I really don’t know what our colleagues get. I imagine there are things like commendations available, but no idea what they may be.

Probably didn’t word that right! Perhaps different levels of award may be more appropriate?

It certainly is! And in most cases, I wouldn’t count toffee as a good equivalent for his views! However, in this case, as @Chief_Tech comments regarding our ‘Muttleyism’, I think it fits quite a few in our organisation!

John Middleton, Team Leader, Ministry of Defence. For services to Defence

There is always this one over on the civil list

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But are they same one who was loved and respected across the RAFAC? Hilarious if they are!


So the only SA (an OBE) is to Adey Hobson who is 2FTS on a FTRS, not a RAFAC CFAV

Smart and Barnard are individual commendations.
Williams and Holden are a part the Influence Team - there are others.

Looking quickly for comparison

Scouts have 1 MBE and 1 BEM
Army Cadets have 1 MBE on Civil List (possibly more on mililtary)
Girl Guides have 2 BEMs

Ahh so CFAVs are recognises outside of military lists!

So something to pin on uniforms; are we talking Muttley?

When I first joined the (then) ACO in the 80s, nobody talked about State awards if I remember. If someone got a Commendation, great! So what’s changed?

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I think people would prefer a BEM etc over a commendation because they’re recognised outside of the organisation, and unfortunately not many people within seem to think the commendations are a big deal.

That being said I for one would feel honoured to receive any award, be it a commendation through to a GBE, and personally feel that it’s a tangible form of recognition

Please don’t denigrate the BEM, it’s been awarded to some of the bravest men in HM Forces where politics has not allowed a higher award.


Exactly, internal commendations are all well and good for team awards, but quite frankly it’s not something you would bother to tell anyone outside the organisation about.

I suspect goodwill has died under years of mismanagement. Staff already feel undervalued, the admin burden and the expectation of what people need to do just to keep the doors open are higher than they have ever been and no one getting any official recognition just compounds that.


This, plus, in these days of all-encompassing information, the news about who does / doesn’t ‘get a gong’ reaches far more.