NYHL 2023

Scant recognition in the NYHL this time about for CFAV from what I can tell. No SAs, (unless they’re on the Regular and Reserve list), but a Commandant 22 Gp Team Commendation for the RAFAC Historic Safeguarding Cases Review Team (which I think is Civil Servants) and the Influence Team.


Yes, pretty poor really. No one does this for the awards. But it is nice to be recognised, especially when you see the military list, and people being awarded, for on the most part doing their job.

HQAC answer was for us to nominate someone, but I believe that it should be the CoC’s job.


Just had. A quick scan through the NYHL23 and unless I’ve missed something obvious there only seems to be 1/2 people connected with the cadet forces getting an honour and that is a full time paid employee of the ACF. The other was the head of CVQO.

Was their really not a single CFAV that they could find deserving of an honour from any of the Cadet Forces?


One thing I’ve noticed in the past 10 years or so is the awarding of commanders commendations certificate which then actively count against CFAVs as “their work has already been recognised”

Unfortunately this recognition is meaningless outside of the organisation.

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Could these CFAVs decline the award of the commendation? Obviously may raise some eyebrows but at least then they aren’t disadvantaged in getting some “tangible” recognition.

The military list is published separately. The Military Division of the New Year Honours 2023 - GOV.UK

Not sure if any of these are cadet though, from experience this list doesn’t differentiate.

Probably, but it would almost certainly still count against them as the system will show it was offered.

Another list. Another disgusting lack of recognition for those in our org.

What is the point in the BEM?

To HQAC no one gives the slightest salad toss about a commandant certitifcate or frankly ANY certificate.

If you want to recognise us, it needs to be tangible and of actual value.

BEM minimum.

We are volunteers ON TOP OF day jobs and families.

We are NOT usual serving personnel. We do ALL that we do IN ADDITION to what you do.

Another year another showing of total disrespect to those who volunteer.

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They need to stop considering people on the military list. The military list is for people who go above and beyond in their paid day job, it’s not set up for unpaid volunteers.

We’re not military, and not eligible for it under the regulations anymore, but this change hadn’t filtered through to the honours secretariat.

(Usual caveat - this isn’t sour grapes. I wouldn’t be in the running even if they were to increase the number of RAFAC awards a hundred fold)


This is how bad our org is…

These people get a mention…

Aoc 22 group team commendation.

  • RAFAC Historic Safeguarding Cases Review Team

Guess there was so much work for them to do that they deserved it…

To be fair that I’d going to be paid staff so a commendation will be appropriate. The organisation is starting to grin safe guarding now so they probably is all sorts of nasties that haven’t been dealt with properly.

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Its less than no one got one.

Its more that it sends a renewed signal of no hope or chance for the overwhelming vast majority of us.

So how many nominations have been put forward?

Usual case of nothing in the list but you don’t get anything if you don’t put names forward :man_shrugging:t2:

We’ve had Region and Comdt commendations, struggled at AOC22.

So have all wings i know of.
1 of the issues is the number of hoops and teirs to jump through…

Sqn Cdr pat on back.
Wg Cdr pat on back
Group captain not even signed certificate
Commandant rafac not even signed certificate
AOC 22 group, signed but posted direct.
Defence council letter of appreciation

Then and only then, possibly a BEM or MBE.

I maintain that the honors system is completly broken and frankly needs a total overhaul.

For some BEMs are given out like sweets. For other orgs, you can give 25+ years and get nothing.

But then i know several in my wing alone who have given over 40 years now, and havent had jot.

Succesive wing commanders and group captains have failed those individuals.

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Well, I’m grateful for my AOC commendation.

I find the halfway house situation annoying.

We’re very much not in the military when it suits them, but very much are when it means they don’t need to recognise us.


Oh, I have, over several years. Gets nowhere



I see there’s some good people being vocal about this issue on the Facebook comments to the HQAC post.

It really is sad to see a lack of recognition. I’m not looking for an award, and certainly at the moment am not worthy of one. But I can certainly think of a few people that I know that would be worthy of one.

But it’s not for me as a CI to be recommending OCs/WSOs that I think are deserving, is it?

They’re all within the RAF list, Wg Cdr Adey Hobson OBE, Sqn Ldr Audrey Smart, WO Phillip Barnard, Sqn Ldr Dan Holden and Sqn Ldr Jarrod Williams

From the commandant’s twitter account.

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