New small bore rifle manual

Happy to offer help, advice, guidance, etc, on the CSBTR changes here.


If I do a WHT for the L144 will it also count for the L81 if I just shout bang louder?


No as polishing isn’t covered in the CSBTR WHT. ■■■■■■!

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brave talk old boy…


HAH! You know I love it really :kissing_heart:

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Who, where, what.


Cadet Training Skill at Arms for the Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle

@dazizian I’ve just re-read the revised lesson plans in the manual. I completely get the previous edition was overcomplicating L144 drills with unnecessary L98 drills, but is there a reason that we’re no longer teaching cadets to use the safety catch other than ‘the L81 doesn’t have a safety catch’? This seems like going the polar opposite and counterintuitive by ignoring an essential safety feature that is specifically designed for the weapon. Especially given any cadet previously firing the Scorpion will have been taught to actively use it. Guaranteed this will be the first question I get asked in every IWT going forward.

Besides from this, most cadets will never fire the L81 so seems a lot of effort to re-train cadets in this way.

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Hi. It’s not all about commonality with the L81 and is a little more about what I would call, sincerely, target rifle methodology: the rifle is only to be loaded if the firer intends to fire it. To load and then delay, which might be an argument to use the safety catch, counters this principle. If you’re not about to fire, don’t load. Moreover, how one treats the rifle is entirely independent of the safety catch’s position in that one must never rely on the safety catch to make the rifle ‘safe’. To that end, I disagree that the safety catch is an essential safety feature; it is perhaps more of a distraction.

This is in contrast to a service rifle methodology where you want a rifle ‘ready’, literally, for your task; you will have it readied at times when you do not intend to be firing and so the safety catch is logical.

Given cadets have ‘direct access’ to any rifle, the idea of progressing from one to another is not a good reason to create common drills between rifles. Even with hubs opening (and indeed some open), I think we will see the vast majority of cadet LFMT on the L98A2, likely with air rifle as a second, due to efficiency and access, respectively. I opine that cadets are most likely to fire an air rifle or the CSBTR, less likely both.


P.S. let’s not forget those who train on the S200 air rifle without a safety catch.

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So basically when we all said let’s make all the drills like the L81 on every weapon other than the L98 and we were told “no we are going to make all of the drills like the L98 except the L81” we were right and they were wrong?

How does this work with Magazine fed Scorpions? (I know the drills have changed but a I haven’t had gone to get updated yet.)

I can only say that I’m glad we are moving in the right direction. Please don’t judge those working on this stuff now by those who came before, and I include a multitude in that, such as ARTAT, the ACF ‘shooting people’, etc, and I don’t mean “isn’t the current TDT amazing compared to the previous”!

All Scorpions are operated with the use of the safety catch. However, air rifles are different again; you can’t unload an air rifle without firing it, the safety catch mechanism is different to that of the CSBTR and the rifle may be fired using a service rifle methodology (see the different approaches to application of fire in n ACP 18 Vol 3).

Bottom line: all the rifles are different and we’re best having the best drills for each rifle and not trying to force drills for artificial reasons.


RCO question:

Actions on “stop, stop, stop”: is it still sensible to include “apply the safety catch”, or is that confusing having now ignored it up to this point?

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I want to like this twice.


I can see is retraining everyone, re WHTing everyone and in a few short months, yet another update comes out, requiring another retraining etc etc…

At least the theme across the Corps is consistent…

The last CSBTR update was 2016?

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when i was trained on mag fed i was briefed “you’ll notice a lot of commonality with the L98” and there was there was a
drills to consider…

I can’t see why that would change. As per dazizian’s post - making the drills specific to each weapon system makes sense. as a mag fed AR it made sense at the time to follow mag fed drills…and still does in my opinion.

Correct and has there yet been another thange to the air rifle manual that was released last summer?

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No. Stop is literally just stop. The safety catch is not used.

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Am I being blind - I can’t see an updated CSBTR PAM in the Key Docs?