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Current problems at the moment -

I cant work out how to split posts to move them to a new thread. It wasn’t immediately obvious on mobile (phone and iPad) but I haven’t tried with a PC yet - I use mobile devices more often than PCs so could this be looked into?

I can’t quote people on mobile either. Highlighting the text doesn’t give me the option to quote.

Why, under the “Latest” tab, do some have blue dots, some have “x new” and some have nothing at all?


have we lost “pages” on threads…??

it was useful knowing someone had posted at the bottom of page 3, or my comment was somehwere on page 2 to refer back to. now its an endless wall…

personally i don’t like it.
one forum i still use to this day hasn’t changed in the 12 years i have been using it*. this has changed three times almost in as many years!

*i will confess extra boards have been added but it is still the same layout and colours.

it is very “busy” on the eye for me and for someone who uses it at work not easy to skim an eye over…plus there is a lot of “blank” space…


It works on the desktop, I can’t seem to work out how it works on mobile at the minute!
You click the “wrench” > select posts - select the posts you want and a popup menu appears with the right options in.

It works for me on Android, I have to move the selection about a bit for the popup to appear but it does appear!

It’s the way reading works - Dark colour shows new posts - a blue dot with the number in shows the number of new posts in threads you are watching or have spent more than 4 mins reading, and a blue ‘new’ appears for brand new threads.

Hope that helps?



Yes, but each post is numbered instead, in the blue box bottom right, you can navigate to any post directly, so if your useful info is in post 254 then you can jump straight there or you can bookmark the post of interest.

Not everyone can be pleased all the time i’m afraid, we have had 3 types of software (including this one) since 1998. The last change was over 3 years ago - I know it doesn’t seem that long.

I presented many reasons for this move before I did it, but mainly software gets outdated or clumsy over time. Technology changes as well. With the advent of our friend Facebook, normal sites have to keep up with modern trends to stay current and attract a wider audience. Security is also a big concern. This software is more secure than the last!

I can’t see too much blank space, although if I maximise my window on my 1920x1080 screen there is a big margin left and right, apart from that I don’t feel it’s too bad without making the screen even busier.

I hope you come to like the new software - I spent a lot of time considering what was the best solution that will grow with the great community that is ACC!




Yeah there’s a bug in for the mobile post moving, the blue menu appears at the top of the thread, but as you scroll up the thread the menu goes to the top again! I’ve added us as a signatory to the bug.

  1. How the hell does one quote the post they wish to reply to, 2) where are the post counts and 3) this Discourse ain’t good…

Sorry DJR.


Select the text you want to quote from the history on the screen. a “Quote Reply” will appear; click it.


Wow. That’s awesome.


Like so but it didn’t include Incubus as being the author of the first post.


No, but if you quote the user directly then it shows, quoting a quote shows the person that made the quote :confused:


Having spent a bit of time with Discourse, I can safely say that it’s a great solution from my point of view. Good Shout.

I’m also chuffed to bits that I can use markdown, though I can’t help but feel the ruby syntax highlighting might not get much use

def syntax_highlight(use:"none") 



i like it.

tech issue however that i’d like help with… someone replied to a post i’ve made, and for some reason ACC sent me that reply as an email as well as posting it on the thread. obviously i’m as desperate as the next person to know whats happening on ACC, but i thought that that was taking it a bit far. i’m assuming i’ve ballsed up my settings or something, so any help would be appreciated…



No, it’s a ‘feature’. Whenever you post in a topic it becomes ‘watched’ Look towards the bottom of the screen and there is a drop down that says ‘watching’ that means you’ll get notified of every post on the topic. You can select various options there on how or if you want to get notified.



Super awesome! :smile:



FAQs…doesn’t “ask” a question to be answered…


Unlike your face :wink:


Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon. :smirk:


@steve679 you’re quite right, it’s on my to do list :wink:


would it not be the same as the previous FAQs…assuming there were some?


@steve679 no we didn’t have a FAQ as such on the old site - I’ll be looking onto getting one together from the developers. If there are any volunteers that would like to help…