New ACC Forum

Dear all,

Looking at the Poll results there is a two thirds shift to Discourse. Therefore I’ve created and migrated the current forum (minus PMs) to the new platform.

I just need to know when we should move?

The switch would happen immediately but I’d keep the current PM system active until you’re all happy that you have the info you need.

Are we ready to go??



Is 35 votes (so far) a statistical representation of the number of active forum members?

Maybe not,

but I’m a little impatient :wink: with too much spare time on my hands at the minute. That’s why I asked the question :wink:

But the poll has been up for a week and had nearly 500 views with only 35 votes, that says to me people don’t really mind or have no opinion?? I may be jumping to conclusions?

The longer we wait the more out of date this software gets - I tested the upgrade and it broke a lot of things - theming especially. Also the move addresses the only two major complaints I get about this software which is the PM system and multiple quotes.

Thanks for tempering my enthusiasm Mike, but we need to do something! :cheer:



I say go for it.

I’d say go for it if the proposed system was equivalent to the current one and not some faddy, ugly mess,

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It doesn’t seem to be faddy, maybe a re-invention of the “discussion” system we’re used to in forums!
Many sites are using Discourse now - maybe niche, but then aren’t we? A list of sites that already use it can be found here:

The most notable one I use is here:

and I hope it’s not ugly! here’s some screenshots of the latest build:



It isn’t your customisation that is ugly, it is the whole layout and design. It has the usual problems pointless or oversized icons and too much wasted space. Not necessarily worse than what we have now in some respects but not an improvement in design.

Thanks for the feed back, I can make the icons smaller, not an issue, using the ‘Latest’ (default) view, screenshot 1, leaves very little whitespace i think.

The oddest part of it is the section with users icons in the topic list. I don’t see the value of this. Am I missing something?

That shows you who is taking part in the conversation and who posted last.

Will the post count be reset?

I have to admit that the design is a tad…ugly…

hehe, no the post count will be kept this time - it’s a ‘proper’ migration!

The look and feel can be changed - but the overall layout will remain mostly the same.

I’ll see if i can disable log ins temporarily so you can see - however the beta was around for quite a while :wink: I had no feedback :frowning:



[edit] OK the new site is in ‘read only’ mode and can be found here:

please take a look :slight_smile:

I can’t check now that logins are disabled, but was there a way to jump to the unread posts in a thread?

when you click on a topic whilst logged it, it takes you to the point you last finished reading automatically - very clever :wink:

there is also a little blue number indicator that tells you how many posts are unreaad.

Looks alright to me. Let’s go.

There are certainly differing opinions, but then there always will be!

I’ll leave it here till Sunday, gather some more opinion please.

Then if we want to transfer, with tweaks afterwards, we’ll go.



How is Discourse for mobile device browser viewing? The Kunena mobile view is extremely effective (unlike many cut-down forum mobile access experiences).

And just to confirm: users on the current forum must archive PMs, if wanted, as they won’t be migrated? I’m sitting at 143, so I’d better do a quick sift’n’save.



Personally I think it’s rather nice, all the features are still there and is easily readable.

That is one problem staying with this software, the mobile theme breaks if I update the forum!

There is currently no way of merging the existing PM system with the new. I’ll keep the existing system up for a while after we move, if we do, so that everyone has plenty of time to get their data off. The PM system and the current forum are separate modules. On the new they are fully integrated.


Well… It’s Sunday!

I’ve tweaked the new site a little - the Category icons are now smaller and users can login / sign up with Facebook, Google or Twitter - makes life a little easier for those who are social butterflies!

I e said it before, but I’m gonna have to say it again. I really dislike the discourse. As bad as the current software is, I’d prefer to stay here (or move to a phpBB board). Sorry.