My Muster by another Cluster

True but the principle holds. We’re part the RAF, we fly people.

Even if it’s just an Envoy with six cadets from Scotland & six cadets from NI it all adds to the mix.

RAF can class as logistics exercise or a ferry flight, it adds to the experience & allows those cadets to feel part of the main organisation.

Can’t see it happening but it would solve the problem.


Oh absolutely. Don’t disagree. And I wish it could happen.


You should be on TV as a comedian! :wink:

Sometimes, we “try” to fly people, but sometimes we put huge barriers up to stop flying - such as banning any sqn involvement in organising flts in non-Service aircraft…

I wonder if Chinnies from Odiham will actually be available on the day to support Benson’s Pumas / Chinnies- I’ll ask some of the techies the day before. :smiling_imp:

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It would seem that in our wg at least, it’s very much in the “concept” planning stage, so wait, out! :wink:

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probably easier to get a Voyager involved…not a very “military” experience sitting on a “commercial” style seating but it ticks a box…kinda

Is it me or does this clash with ‘Trooping the Colour’.

Planned Helios could be pulled to cover any u/s cabs in their flypast.

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Oooh - my e-calendar is wrong!

Yep, 17 Jun is TTC!!

One thing ive noticed is they supposedly are targeting older cadets who want careers in the forces with the displays from RAF, Army and Navy, but the event is smack bang in the middle of their exams.

So certainly one of my cadets who i know is interested has already said he’s unable to attend.


So I’m not really wanting to call out a specific unit, but I’ve just seen the following post on instagram and need to say something. This isn’t just them, I’ve seen others, but this is a good example:


Who wants the opportunity to fly in a Chinook?

There are limited spaces and the deadline is Monday, so get your names in!

2000 cadets from all over the country will be heading to RAF Benson (lucky we’re so close) to get an experience flight. There will also be static displays to keep you entertained during the day. The event will last the whole day. Further details and timings tba. Right now we just need names. Please comment below if you would like to go and are available.

First off, OPSEC? I’ve seen exact date and location details on multiple social media sites. I know this isn’t weapons movements or something similar. But surely we should be putting some effort into not putting out exact details of large scale events like this? Either way, the information is out there now. Maybe this one isn’t such a big deal.

Secondly, if I was a cadet, parent or an outsider reading this I’d be thinking this is a guaranteed chinook flight! The calling notice is pretty clear that not all cadets that attend will get to fly… I think this one is a big deal as we seem to have a real problem sometimes with setting expectations too high. Both to those looking to join us, and cadets attending events.

Thirdly, since when is using a public facing instagram page (or any public facing SM) an appropriate way of gathering sign up names? :man_facepalming:


And this is why we have Cadet Portal. . .
By all means advertise events on Social Media, but direct cadets to Cadet Portal to find out the specif details.


I’ve managed to have 29 cadets bid without posting about on social media. We are however 16% of the wing bid !!

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Agreed, very few Cadets actually look at the public facing SM pages. We have a closed FB group that will often say something like ‘Muster by another Cluster, see Portal for details’. Most will then look at Portal if they haven’t already and Parents are then aware of something and communicate with their little Cherubs. Not that we’re invited anyway!

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Yeah, I think that is pretty standard, and can work quite well! This post is just a whole different ball-game though.

From having some insight into the engineering prep for the Coronation Flypast (number of airframes attempted to be generated versus actual availability), I’d bet on less than 50% of cadets will fly…


Sadly, about 50% flying is all I realistically expect. That’s why posts like these can cause massive issues with cadets being over-promised activities.

Expectations need to be set appropriately.

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We had six turning and burning to generate three.

All three initially plumbed in for the flypast went. Which is pretty rare to be honest.

But yes, I estimate about 40/50. It’s a shame how that post is worded. There’s also parents commenting on the post to put their kids down for it as well …

Although that post is badly worded, I’ve seen other things kicking around too. They weren’t as much of a ‘lie’ but they certainly made it look like you were signing up to go and get some AEF in a chinook.

I know a unit who are supposedly out of that catchment area and are going.

I suspect a lot of CCFs will have been unable to attend due to insufficient notice - school approval processes (which we have to do **as well as ** RAFAC ones in most cases these days) can take longer than that.

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SE area got notification before my Wing