MTP-PCS - Have we all transitioned?

(linked in someway to this discussion - MTP-PCS how soon will you be adopting it? )

Truth is I already know the answer – No! there are still a handful (of staff) in CS95-DPM

I wonder though, how many Staff are there out in the parishes that still regularly wear CS95-DPM?

I noticed at RIAT this year specifically the significant minority of CS95 DPM. There were only a handful of Staff in CS95 DPM, indeed I only noticed 3-4 who were seen in CS95 DPM “regularly” either as their only No3 dress or worn more than not.

There was still a fair number of Cadets in CS95 DPM at RIAT, and there is at our Squadron too, but in terms of Staff have you/your units made a 100% transition now?

We are still to see any kit come through official sources (Grade 1 kit from parent stations) – I have heard of other units who have “robbed” a bag when visiting Stores but only when they asked rather than kit held to one side specifically for our use. Despite the lack of formal/official issue I would say two thirds of Cadets are in MTP-PCS if not more but Staff is significantly more….so second question: where are we getting it from?

Not fully transitioned - although slowly getting there. I think we’ve got 2 staff who haven’t gone MTP yet - although not through lack of trying; more availability of sizes.

Where are we getting it from? Where ever we can! There’s a few stations stores who are doing very well on the biscuits front at the moment. Some are privately purchased.

My Son’s ATC unit has still got cadets in CS95 even though I’ve managed to get 6 bags full of MTP for them.

Makes me wonder what they are doing with it!

Recover it and sent it to me - we still have shelves full of CS95 and just 2 cadets in PCS.

No MTP for cadets and running out of CS95 (either u/s or not returned) - what we have is for 8ft gorillas and not your average 12 year old new starter.

With all the activities that mandate MTP/CS95 and no official supply we will shortly be at the stage where parents will have to purchase for the cadets

Sure to get the stick wavers angry when they see all the no standard greens on show - if it is private purchase it is very difficult to tell Johnny and Mum that they can’t wear it as its not correct pattern

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A CS95 DPM wearer here!

Over the years I’ve managed to wangle a ton of DPM stuff, including shirts that were pre-badged with the TRF and FI.

My DPM kit is perfectly serviceable, and it seems a shame to throw it away and start using PCS/MTP.

That said, when my VR(T) commission is swapped for the new CFC, the TRF and FI will have to be removed. Depending on the state of my shirts, I may consider going on the scrounge for MTP/PCS.

Until then, I’ll be keeping it old school!!

Presumably they’ll be replaced with something else though?

Maybe. If the Force Identifier and TRF are the same size/shape/position, then the DPMs will be good for a while. If not, then it’s probably time to change! I don’t mind looking a bit scruffy in the field (it always seems to get covered in mud anyway), but as we’re meant to be setting an example uniform wise, looking scruffy anywhere else is isn’t really something I want to do!

I would love for us to be able to use the MTP lightweight jacket (the one without “hundreds” of pockets and loads of velcro) that the Army have adopted but thee RAF decided they didn’t want.


There won’t be a replacement Force identifier as they aren’t worn on MTP, no point in coming up with a new badge for a defunct uniform.

Wouldn’t it just be “Air Cadets”, as already exists?

Or, seeing how we are the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, wouldn’t it be “Royal Air Force” as already exists?

Maybe they’ll just have us wear one on top of the other?


That is my understanding as well. When the time comes to swap my commission, I’ll have to acquire some PCS, I guess! :cry:

Are those the CS95 cut in MTP colours? One of my cadets has one, and it looks a lot smarter IMO. My Warrant Officer had a look through the regulations the first time he wore it. If I remember correctly, they prohibit the use of the “Barrack” shirt for RAFAC personnel, but isn’t it actually called something else (Lightweight Jacket, Tropical rings a bell…)?

I believe that the ‘Barrack’ shirt referred to is the CS95 cut shirt (jacket) in MTP material; in my wing we had an e-mail last year which clarified this. It would be a far more sensible choice of garment for any of our activities and I can attest that they are just as comfortable as the original CS95 - not that I would disobey our dress regs.


I think there are 3 types, there is the original CS95 Pattern in MTP, there is the MTP PTS and there is the new Barrack Dress MTP Shirt.

The RAF hasn’t adopted the Barrack Dress shirt on the basis that RAF Barrack address is Blue.

For Cadets and CFAV it’s pretty much accepted (or is where I am) that since we are begging, borrowing and stealing as long as it’s one of the 3 uniform shirts no one cares.


I certainly think they look smarter, and save on the need to find blanking patches too!

I think that’s a good attitude To take! To be honest, I don’t really care if it’s a non issue item, as long as it looks vaguely similar to MTP or DPM!


In Northern Ireland the Wing Commander has refused to allow staff or cadets to move into MTP despite the fact that some cadets and staff have it. We are now faced with running out of C95 and , cant issue new cadets with C95

He’s definitely not allowed to do that.


He can’t do that. its in dress regs.

I remember some time ago, another Wing Commander did the same until a word in his ear by his Gp Cpt put him right. Turns out he didn’t have any MTP so wouldn’t allow anyone else to wear it.