MTP-PCS - Have we all transitioned?

I’ve seen recent photos of cadets in the Pre-CS95 DPM uniform. I had to do a double take!

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Is that because they think that being in DPM (where you can wear the ‘Air Cadets’ force identifier) will stop them being mistaken for regular forces?

The regs are there to keep us safe, we must adhere to them…

To answer the original question our staff team has made a 100% transition to MTP PCS. However there is only 3 uniformed members of staff on our squadron.

We usually get our MTP PCS through private purchase or grab some whenever we can from wherever we can.

When the initial allowance to wear MTP came out, I made it so that we waited until the next few months before staff could wear it. That way it allowed us to purchase / scrounge it, and make the move over in one go. Had 6 uniform staff at the time, and that still worked well.

In my wing, I’ve only noticed a small handful of staff still in DPM. Some are brand new and have been issued stock from sqn. Others are the old and bold who refuse to change…

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The ATC never managed the transition to CS95! I still see, this year, cadets in 80s pattern kit with 58 pattern webbing.

i saw a couple of cadets from one Sqn wearing the old ‘cadet combat jacket’ fairly recently - they had no top pockets for some unfathomable reason…

most of my Sqn are in PCS MTP or CS95 MTP - its only sizing that prevents any of the cadets being in MTP, and the staff are all in it now.

In that case I shall have to get out my 80’s Para Smock, OG trousers and hairy shirt with Cranwell DMS boots and puttees

Since I have to provide it myself that should be fine - if it was issued then I could make sure it is current and correct. That will get the stick wavers shaking

Anyone with some old battledress to wear :rofl:

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surely its got to be an almost bleached windproof smock and fluerescent tropics?

jungle boots?

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Go back further.

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[quote=“angus, post:29, topic:3263”]
and fluerescent tropics[/quote]
I used to wear those!

They were better than a hi-viz vest…

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You can buy repro Trops. A couple of DS had them on the last DPM JL Test Phase. Luminescent!

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when i was a cadet i had to buy my own cs95’s? i was told we will issue you blue but you buy your own green as we armt scaled for it

if it looks like the cs95 shirt but in mtp it is the barrack shirt NSN Should start
8405-99-841-4*** the last 3/4 didgets will be different depending on size.

but yes i do believe RAFAC are not allowed barrack shirts.

Corps policy on MTP in place in NI from today ,as it should have been, so now can be worn.


barrack shirts are not allowed sadly.

No one cares…

Our supply situation is such that if it’s MTP or DPM, it’s serviceable, and it fits, then it’s fine.

It’s yet another illustration of the chasm between the realities of those who have beg, borrow, steal and buy their kit and those who get it in the post…

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I wear mine frequently.

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Almost 2 years on and in many places I see no functional difference. On several courses and ‘greens’ events I have been on I have still found a significant amount of cadets - as well as (very surprisingly to me) a small minority of staff in DPM CS95’s. I know of cadets on the squadron that have been scraping pennies to buy some fancy PCS kit before a shooting camp or annual camp so they don’t look ‘weird’ or ‘out of place’. I think this is obviously not the direction that was intended when the RAFAC started this ‘transition’ that has taken more than 5 years to not complete, however that is the result so far. I have also heard of cadets spending far too much compared to what they could spend on PCS.
does anyone have any good deals better than the Cadet Direct £50 Trousers, shirt, belt and twisters??
These guys won’t need boots as can transfer black boots from CS95 but if they’re that determined I don’t want them to get ripped off.

I almost regret getting rid of all my DPM. I miss my stupidly big modified Arctic Smock

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