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You probably ought to put the papers in now so they are ready when you are :slight_smile:

The Financial Ombudsman repays expenses within 7 days so I guess that is a reasonable yardstick. Mind you … I bet it is signing off the agreement that takes the time. Digital quill anyone?


It was mentioned a while ago that our HTD claims and our VA claims were going digital to save time and papertrail. Does anyone know what happened to this project?


It is waiting for development time by the bader team. They have few people and lots of work.
It is not forgotten about and is definitely still on the plan as quite a high priority. VA will be linked into a redeveloped activity approval system in SMS that is being worked on and which is tied with the cadet portal project. HTD may be fairly easy to do as a separate thing.


i heard this before RIAT 2017 - i recall encouraged to get our names on the SMS in the hope it would be trialled…:unamused:


So they have started the work on updating SMS to proves VA / Travel / HTD. HTD will come first.

It’s waiting for the O365 migration to be completed and include the rollout of personal accounts.


Yup - I forgot about that bit.


I heard about this 12 months ago and it was announced by our Wing at the start of the year, what it would do, the benefits and discussion Skype

nothing since…


In November 2015, a senior IT bod told us at a meeting that VA linked to activities and all automated, was ‘imminent’.

3 years later……

So I can only assume IT-speak means the following:

‘Imminent’ - give or take 3 or 4 years
‘very soon’ - about 5 or 6 years. Assuming we can be arsed.
‘soon-ish’ - we’ll get round to it shortly before you retire. Or maybe after. We don’t know.
‘it’s on the list’ - hahahahahaha! forget it. It’ll never get done.

Sound about right?



Comes from people who know promising what the accounts people can’t afford


or cannon fodder … see WW I


Looks like there has been an announcement made on SharePoint regarding the backlog. They are working through it now and will do the oldest first. They have asked people not to call but to email if they need anything.


Passing on the rolling announcements seems you’ve done well - the office closed in October!


I just had 3 payments drop today, so looks like they are back online. No idea when they were from of course.


They must of read my post on here :joy:


I’ve had nothing paid for months. I have several HTD and 2 VA claims in and I’ve heard nothing at all. It’s starting to get a little annoying.


They stopped pay on the 28th of September and it started again a couple of weeks back, they seem to be working through things slowly to catch up. Definitely worth getting in touch with your WHQ to chase the paperwork that may be missing.

You could submit a duplicate and mark it with red pen on the top as ‘possible duplicate’.


Definitely worth posting a duplicate.

6 staff on annual camp, 1 was paid 2 weeks ago, 1 was paid last week, 4 not paid as claims lost, albeit all posted together.


Nothing unusual in that it’s an age old excuse at all points of the ATC.

I wonder how you get a job where you can constantly trot out the same line for not doing, outside of the public sector. We all get IT problems at work, but for Christ’s sake if private industry had the same number of outages and down times as HQAC (and most parts of the taxpayer funded side of the world) seems to experience and lame excuses, they wouldn’t be employing people for very long.


I send mine recorded - I know its a naus but at least I can know it has arrived.


I don’t understand how this can be allowed to happen if a private sector company was down for a month because there main accountancy suite was down they would have fired their IT team and possibly taken legal action against them for loss of business. I am still waiting for fuel to be paid for journeys I made back in February and March this year which have been resubmitted again as well as a load of journeys that I done in June and HTD which was submitted on the first of August. At this rate I will have submitted my next HTD before the last one has been paid. If I owed HQAC money and waited this long to pay them back I would have been pulled in to see the WEXO to explain why it had not been paid. It would be interesting to see if there are figures on the amount of resubmitted forms that had been sent to HQAC.