HQAC Backlogs

Anyone know the number or email address for HQAC personnel department? What hours do they take phone calls?

Second Tuesday of the month if it’s a full moon and Brenda’s on that day.


But don’t call them - calling them prevents them for actually doing their work.

Are they not working for us? :joy: need to chase up some paperwork that’s been sitting around for months and I’m thinking the best thing to do is just call them rather than go through wing, region etc

They are civil servants…

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Working for who, what? I argue we are their customers

You’d like to think that. But as said they are like all civil servants a law unto themselves and they seem to forget we pay their wages. They all seem to be protected by press 1 for this, 2 for that etc and inane music.

If you’re waiting on paperwork could you chase mine? Apparently Universe has been down for ages which has added to the backlog.

I got told by Wing and a few others that they have updated their system but now up and running but behind because of it. They hadn’t made any claims in October as of Friday.

My Wing have been logging on to universe to check the status of one of my staff for me. They said it was down a couple of weeks ago but was fine last week.

I guess they are playing catch up? Would it not be great if they could keep the ones waiting updated

They did an upgrade on the 28 September that should have been a couple of days.

Only came back online last week.

So they had been making no payments etc for all that time and decided it wasn’t worth telling anyone about.

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Yep. I haven’t received pay from annual camp yet! :rolleyes:

I received pay last week from a weekend I did at the start of October. My H2D came through quickly too.
It seems to me that HQAC are pretty much on the ball just now.

I got my last set of “volunteer allowance” less than 6 days after i posted it to wing. I almost fell off my chair.



I’ll get our E1 to chase it up…

Thanks for the info!

Edited to add:

WHQ claim there is a three month back log - I’m guessing HQAC are working from the top of the pile, and processing the latest forms first??

Either that, or my WHQ CBA to check that nothing has gone amiss??

I’m still waiting for a few personnel forms to be entered and processed, my staff still have not yet heard anything, so frustrating

I can only assume that one person only does one job and dont help each other.

My payclaims as mentioned have been coming in quicker and quicker.

I currently have 1 transfer and 3 resignations i am waiting for, all have been with HQAC over 6 months, i am assuming ill be retiring in 20-30 years and might see them before i retire.

Still waiting on my commission paperwork to be processed (apparently all signed off and just waiting for admin now). Frustrating as the delay means I won’t be parading this weekend

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Rang and got told to do one basically and go through the correct channels. Now I know why people think HQAC are out of touch!!


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