HQAC Backlogs

Can anyone explain to me why there is such a backlog with everything from HQAC? VA, appointments, HTD it seems there is a never ending wait for everything. It’s been 5 Weeks since my SNCO board and still not a peep of it being confirmed - gradually losing the will to live with this organisation.

Lost the will to live a long time ago with this organisation…
Afraid I am leaving for another organisation…

Because of government cut-backs, a lack of staff, a previous prohibition on recruitment and now a difficulty in finding people who want to work for the wages offered by the MOD in that area of the country.

I know plenty of others like you. I get a great feeling from giving the cadets the opportunities I got as a cadet and there was a great emphasis on getting good uniformed staff, but as soon as you get through the various hoops to be a uniformed volunteer all you seem to encounter is brick walls

It’s no excuse for poor service. They just need to crack on rather than imposing backlogs on the people in the Corps.

I do not know of any admin function anywhere that runs with enough let alone a surplus of staff, however what they do is grasp the nettle espoused by the electronic world. The fact that MOD can’t get to grips with EWOW and still wants things written by hand, signed, original signatures etc etc are why we end up with ridiculous systems and backlogs.

Given how much extra work I’ve accumulated over the years as people have left and not been replaced that come under the banner of “other things requested of you by your manager” on my contract, if I said no I’m only going to do that this week or whatever system they use at Cranwell and then you’ll have to wait another x weeks before I do that again, I’m certain I know the comments that would come my way.

I bet 99.999% of the people at HQAC bank online, pay for things online and so on and never see the inside of a bank or sign cheques, yet that’s exactly the system they work with day to day and is forced upon us. If they are so hard pushed why can’t the overpaid retirees step up and help out … ah no I bet some moronic union muppet would say they can’t.

It’s not why people do things in the ATC when you are expecting a payment you get it out to them in double quick time. If there is one thing that gets prioritised at work it’s expenses and so on.

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One person cannot do five peoples jobs in the same timescale. It’s a simple fact like it or not.

I still enjoy the provision of activities, just have issues with the ACO, sorry ATC, we are the ATC after all, and its direction.
I shall go to another Cadet Force and see if the grass is greener, well to be fair looking over the fence they actually have grass so…

oh you’ve got some time yet to wait…i have waited 3-5 months in all cases I’ve been on a board

You’re more likely to find the moronic union muppets say something like ‘about time, please do this first’, very few are such dicks that they refuse help…

Account Update just placed on scrolling news HQAC Sharepoint is saying that claims received on week commencing 03 Oct 16 are now being auctioned.

And then it says that payments should not relied upon to cover essential living costs.

Auctioned? I’d rather they process them than sell them to the highest bidder.

Okay, I meant ‘actioned’. Dooh.

By the time comes in it might come in handy to cover any Christmas expenses :sunglasses:

Oh, are HQAC still there? I thought they had been a victim of cuts some time ago.

While we are suffering backlogs in getting what is owed to us and other admin they seem able to recruit for these FTRS posts
Warrant Officer Air Cadet Organisation Security Advisor - RAFC Cranwell
Flight Sergeant Deputy Air Cadet Organisation Security Advisor - RAFC Cranwell
SO3 Infrastructure (Combined Cadet Force) - HQ Air Cadets - RAFC Cranwell (Flt Lt)
Wing Commander Combined Cadet Force (RAF) - Air Cadet Organisation - RAFC Cranwell
Subject to formal establishment

It seems we need people doing the donkey work not a group of shinies making jobs for themselves. How many ‘clerks’, could be employed using the salary and employer costs used by these and while we’re at it RCs and others. Another 7 or 8 clerks would be of more use to us than any one of these posts.

Has the FTRS become the last bastion for those unwilling to join us in the outside world and intent to hang onto the miltary life for grim death?


Two security advisors? Now unless they are driving around recertifying armouries, that’s a Joke

The initial remark was more astute :wink:

I know. I slipped up on the AUP I was so shocked.

I’m still waiting for my certificate to confirm my appointment as an SNCO…as a timeline I was appointed in July 2014 and completed SSIC October last year.

I think you have a while to wait yet…

My appointment was finally confirmed on Monday, only took around 7 weeks!