HM King Charles III - Coronation Medal

Did that come through your TEST or straight from HQ?

I don’t have it to hand but pretty sure the DIN said you could wear those once the award was confirmed


I would be in tranche 2 or 3, so I look forward to receiving the KCM in time for William ascending to the throne.

SSI told me in passing that I was confirmed, but nothing direct.

Through TEST

Nothing from my HQ but saying that I’ve had nothing about my QPJM either!!

I’m really not going to hold my breath. It’s all a bit of a joke!

Were you not waiting on OC 6FTS’s letter to get through to MoDMO? Any update on that?

Some of the people I know who have been told they are getting the Coronation medal still haven’t been told if they are getting the QPJM in the tranche 2.

Yep but still no update.

I’ve had an email stating I’m not on Tranche 1 but I should be entitled to it, therefore wing have put my name through for Tranche 2 - what does the Tranche system mean?

I didn’t think I was getting it so paid no attention, as I did 2 years over 18 from 2013-2015, then commissioned in 2019, followed by COVID and was NEP from Jan 22-Jan23, but I"ve been told I am entitled.

They’re looking for 5 years of total O18 uniformed service.

Tranche 1 is anyone who has that as a CFAV.

Tranche 2 is people who have CFAV + other uniformed service (O18 cadet, regular or reserve forces etc).

There is a Tranche 3, but I can’t remember what that’s for. Basically the higher the tranche number the more complicated the application.

Your 2 years O18 + 3 years CFAV would qualify you.

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Thank you for explaining that.

Well we had confirmation that tranche 1 list was at wing and the bling should be delivered early 24, jiffy bag I suppose like the last one.

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I had my Golden Jubilee Medal jeft in a pile on a desk.
I didn’t qualify for the QPJM, but learned last night that I’m in T1 for the KCM :grin:

I had to present myself with my own CFM, and sign both parts of the form as the presenter and the recipient…


Did you get a photoshopped pic of you handing it to yourself? Please tell me you did.


Sadly no, was too busy being a Cont Cdr to take the photos. (Could have gone on the Contingent Twitter Account - dormant now since Musk…)

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Had email confirmation today of being in tranche 1. No list released though so I can’t support staff to know if they need to apply separately.