HM King Charles III - Coronation Medal

Drum roll…

A colleague of mine has a partner that works in the medal office.

There is going to be a request put out by the MO to get bids from potential makers of a Coronation Medal in January (now). That is all I know so far.

So with more information due soon…taking your best guesses on:

  • Who will be entitled to receive the medal?
  • What will the ribbon look like?
  • What will the medal look like?
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  • Same as the last Jubilee Medal
  • Red and Blue is traditional
  • Charles head on the front and his Cypher on the back

I’d agree with the same eligibility, simply because rolling back to a traditional smaller circulation will hit morale.

Colours I’m half expecting to see green and red to reflect his lengthy tenure as Prince of Wales.

On the front will be him and Camilla in profile, Camilla behind him. The last few Kings have included their Queen on the medal, particularly as they are crowned at the same time

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That’s my thinking too, plus he’s unlikely to get a Jubilee Medal or a Major War leading to another mass issue of medals with his face on them.

I didn’t realise this, I’m not 100% convinced he will do the same thing.


Actually, not all have done it. But I think he will because he’s so besotted with her.


I would think of a slightly more limited release.

Not intentionally, but I feel HM wants a more streamlined monarchy, which would mean less expenditure.

I think it might be a 10 year length of service rather than the five. But that’s me taking out my rear end.

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In all honesty, I’m not going to hold my breath on getting one. I’m still waiting for my PJM and if HQRAFAC can’t square something as simple as that away what are the chances we’ll get a coronation medal before William is king??


Going on the original post…

Coronation in May.

Tender for contract out now.

Another month, maybe two for MoD / Governmental dithering.

Puts contract selected maybe end of February or March.

Two, maybe three, months to manufacture and distribute gongs for, if the Late HM the Queen’s jubilee is anything to go by, the day of the event…

That’ll be cutting it fine.


But all they’ll do is give them out to those on parade, the rest can wait.

It’s an interesting one, they will need to be mounted so can’t just show up with a box of them on the day.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the design already existed, they’ve had long enough to sort one out over the years.

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I reckon that’s the case. But considering the absolute cluster that the MoD makes of literally everything else…

I wouldn’t be surprised.

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I refer colleagues to a previous comment in a different, but related, thread:

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I’m not entirely sure what the issue is…

It’s a genuine question about an absolute sliver of recognition for a group of lunatics who I’m genuinely in absolute awe of.

You couldn’t pay me to be a squadron commander. A piece of generic ribbon, that many people will no doubt be awarded, is the genuine least they could get.

It’s disgusting that CIs most probably again won’t be recognised… But that’s another rabbit hole.


Same at work, the Police Staff won’t get anything, they were promised a Challenge Coin style thing for the QPJ and they still haven’t gotten that.

Or newly uniformed staff who have enough service if CI service was included in the calculation.

Ours turned up in November so they do exist (collective ours, I wasn’t eligible either there or here but that’s fair enough)

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Id be happy with that.
Keep the riff raff out…

This can be done via a fast tender process.

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I suppose the only tender process I’ve dealt with is spares for aircraft.
That’s a lengthy process.

Can’t really do that when they have all the people with 5 a Medal last year.

It’s gonna go to Worcestershire Medals, they made the last 2.

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