HM King Charles III - Coronation Medal

Were the MPs and Lords on the JFET? I’m assuming they were the cadets seem to think they were.

It is an interesting point My understanding from speaking to a few regulars is that the MOD have been given a directive to be as flexible as possible with the definition of “contributory service” For every MOD eligible category seemed to be a easy win for morale purpose so that might help get the cadets part over the line.


Yeah the Commissioner has openly said that he intends to do the same, he says he argued with the Home Secretary that it should be universal.

JFET = Joint Force Employment Table (names of everyone involved in an operation and what they did)

It’s a chocolate medal, awarded just for being in the right place at the right time. If the cadets were there officially there’s absolutely no harm in giving them the medal.

It’s a story to share with their family when they have their own sproggs starting cadets.

I get it, but I do disagree.

Coronation and jubilee medals are classed as a personal gift from the sovereign to recognise service etc. Which is why they rank higher on the medal table than long service awards.

I hope they do get it awarded. A personal gift from the sovereign for being at the coronation is 100% a story they can tell their sprogs.


…If only a few more people would realise that and stop complaining they have not received them … if you get it you do , if you don’t you don’t! :wink:


Offer still stands.

If any of your cadets get awarded this medal, send me a DM here.

I’ll mount them for free.


How about I send you 2 x KCM plus 1 QPJM…

One of the KCMs is for a cadet

Do tell us how the cadet got the KCM. Only ones I can think of that have has it officially confirmed & delivered is the one or two RBL Banner bearers who are also cadets but attended in a legion capacity.

If it’s for a cadet, that one would be free to do.

How much for the other 2, planning my 2024 uniform budget.

They attended as part of Op Golden Orb and were mentioned numerous times on the BBC Coverage as they moved down the Mall to the gates of the palace prior to the balcony appearance.


ACC price - £7 a medal.


Ahh understand now If that was part of the large group of cadets I had one of my cadets doing the same role but they haven’t formally been told yet their getting it although it seems to be unofficially the case. I thought you had already had someone that had formally been told/received the medal

Do you use that nice black cork backing or whatever it is that’s been popping up everywhere? So much better than buckram…

I still use buckram. Haven’t come across that alternative yet.

Highly recommend. Very light, very stiff, black in colour.

Looks amazing when finished. Sorry I can’t be more specific. If you contact the tailor who does the light blue bases like Waddington (Illyas Bhatti, if memory serves) and get a medal mounted, it’ll show you what he’s using, assuming he’s still at it these days.

Looks easier to cut to the size you require too.

Failing that, PM me your address and I’ll send you an old miniature rack I still have somewhere, so you can see what it is.

I’ve come across some foam like stuff. Maybe it’s similar?

Yeh, you’re thinking of the right thing. Recommend it if you can work out where it comes from. I’ve had no luck and they wouldn’t even tell me what it was called…