HM King Charles III - Coronation Medal

Can confirm the tender hasn’t been released yet. The “preferred” contractor hasn’t heard or been asked for any input yet.

I think it’ll be something different. After all, the 5 yrs for Her Majesty’s Jubilee medals (excluding silver), were as a recognition of service during Her reign; the King won’t even have a year at the Coronation.

I’d take a guess at Royal Household, ‘the great and good’ and maybe some for distribution to ‘deserving others’, pretty much like the Silver Jubilee.

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My grandfather was awarded the Queen’s Coronation Medal in 1953 when it was a limited distribution to those involved in the event itself and the royal “household”. In these austere times I suspect this more frugal approach may be what happens. However, my son is serving at present and has the QPJM. It would be nice to have this one within the family history. The only one missing is the Silver Jubilee one but that also was limited in it’s distribution.

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Interested to see that one of the big medal mounters has the Coronation Medal on their list already marked as TBC.

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Perhaps this is going to be a quick and easy turn around.

A simple… everyone who got the QPJM gets the C3 medal.

As the qualifying year would be different (assuming equivalent criteria) you may find that some people who missed out on the jubilee due to not attending enough sessions during covid would now qualify for the coronation.

I was broad stroking it.

But i feel you know that :wink:


Mounting is getting really expensive of late :joy:

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Oh indeed. I agree that if it is equivalent criteria it should be fairly simple to admin it, whether we make it simple is another matter.

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Plus minatures

Fortunately, I know a guy…

You should get him to teach you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Someone get some water on that.


I do send frequent texts to @wdimagineer2b to ask advice. :rofl:


Sneak preview of Coronation Medal for RAFAC staff!


I’ve seen it referred to today as “Charlie and the chocolate gong”. That made me giggle even if I don’t necessarily agree.


Not medal per-se but had an email through advertising the RN cap badge with Tudor Crown today…

Wonder how the divide between old and new is going to develop.
Will having the old crown be ally and the new one crow?

Erm… what?

“Combat Recruit of War”.

Army-ism. Basically a sprog, new in uniform essentially.