Help on things to do in a parade night

Hi everyone, i’ve recently been promoted and a few cadets have chatted to me and another cpl in the sqrn about how they feel the parade nights are getting boring. They did say they like doing drill but they think it gets boring after half an hour but also they did suggest some things them self but i was just wondering if anyone had any out of the box ideas(not your usual leadership radio ect). As i really don’t want the sqrn to get any smaller becuse the activities aren’t fun enough on a parade noght(we tend to get about 8-10/20 a night). Thank you

this has been asked a lot before, try using the search function or look at the following threads with a similar question


Boom: Winter Activities - #3 by Batfink

(just coz it says “Winter”, there’s no reason you can’t do most of these in the summer too).