Any activity ideas for a cadet parade night?

I’ve been tasked with organising an activity for the cadets in my squadron, has anyone got any suggestions to what I can do. I need enough to last approximately 2 hours

Local map making
Discussions / debates - we do these and the cadets are quite good
Visit to a local point of interest or visit from a local notable or someone of interest - we had a Lanc rear gunner come along with his log books and despite at the time being in his mid-80s held the kids spellbound.
Ye Olde Sharke Infested Custarde nonsense
Fox hunt with radios
Visit to a swimming pool and do basic swimming certs - anyone can sign these off

I’m sure people will have other ideas

Split into flights and do a quiz, that can easily take up an hour. There’s plenty of ones online that you can lift and adapt.

@Teflon how does this work exactly, sounds interesting…