Greatcoats and RAFAC


Nah, we’ll just cheap it out. Sorry Wilf, i just cannot see it happen. We’ll lose the coats before they do it right. It’s only by a flukey blag we have them at all, ask @Foley.


Nah we are nothing like them, they have equipment that works.


Another example of the ill thought through identifiers. Previously it was easy and cheap. If you were wearing rank on an epaulette, a gilt pin was added to braid. If the rank was worn in the cuff, gilt pins were worn on the collar. This signified that the wearer was not a regular member of the service. Simple!!! All the organisation had to do was to provide pins!!
Now we have the sliders, which are making Cadet Direct lots of money, not just on the initial issue, but by doing all the colours of the rainbow so diligent staff can look correct.
The easiest and cheapest option is to revert to pins (and by gosh, they are cheap!). But that would lead to red faces at HQ and reduced profits for Cadet Direct.
This thread is again showing that HQAC has gone for the expensive quick fix, without thought!!
I initially added this to the wrong thread!!!


Totally agree, problem I see is that the rank braid is sown on a great coat, So the RAF slides don’t fit and the pins won’t go through the material. Best bet I suppose is to sew them on the lapels.


I don’t see what the big deal is. Private purchase item… So private purchase some additional pins to go with it.

But I say again that going to the trouble of deciding how we’re going to wear identifiers in greatcoats and creating new regulations to detail that is silly… Somebody has already done the work for us.
Just replace the name and swap “A” for “RAFAC”.
Boxed off.


Never seen a ‘Dental Badge’ - sparked my curiosity.


I think I’ve seen one once…


But that is too sensible! If we had used gilt badges in the first place for the whole change, we wouldn’t have this situation!!
But no profits for Cadet Direct though!!


Out of curiosity, do RAuxAF still wear these? I thought they had been removed to allow them to be consistant with regulars.


That’s correct; they no longer wear them.


But they do on no 1s I think?


AFAIK they’ve been removed from No1s. More likely to wear them than the great coat so I would have assumed many oggies would have been chomping at the bit to get rid of them.


That’s what I was aware! There is no visible distinction between Regular and Reserve anymore. I think the only collar markings are branch identifiers such as medical and dental.