Greatcoats and RAFAC

Too late for yesterday (when I didn’t wear mine anyway) but - does anyone know what we can expect in the new dress regulations for greatcoats for RAFAC officers? I can imagine two scenarios:

RAF AIR CADETS rank tabs, no pins
Plain rank tabs, RAFAC pins on the collar

The former is simple; the latter would be more in keeping with the wearing of greatcoats by other people in RAF uniform (and RAFVR(T)).

Of course they might go for option C, no greatcoats, but that may get ignored…

I had naively assumed we’d have the new AP1358C before Remembrance.

My understanding is that the rank slides are sewn on and no pins are worn.

Colour is a poor match, though - it looks a bit gash. That’s what I’ve done for now but I’ve not worn it much.

I think he means the braid, rather than the issued slides.

So no RAFAC identifiers at all?

Well the current dress regs say annoised identification must be worn at all times…but then provides no guidance and the image is pending

The current regulations also don’t actually feature a picture of a Greatcoat.

The coat pictured is an Officer’s Warm converted out of a non-issue Greatcoat. It’s been cut shorter than a Greatcoat would be and had the buttons replaced. I know because I was with the owner when he bought it.

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I don’t think RAFAC officers are entitled to wear greycoats.

I have an issued raincoat but it’s not a heavyweight grey coat.

AP1358c says Officers, WOs and SNCOs may may wear them at optional private purchase however not on ceremonial occasions

that’s interesting… I seem to remember last year an officer running about like a blue bummed fly trying to get a greatcoat and posting all over social media for help as they were required to wear it for a ceremonial occasion…

I am not sure if there is any nuance in the concept of “ceremonial occasions” either.
Being on a parade is a ceremonial occasion, but what about being in attendance with a VIP? Or just observing?

all valid points.
I just think the ACP should be worded so that common sense is applied:
it can be worn when the occasion dictates and that if they are part of a parade either all have them or all don’t no half way measures.

if they are standing at the side then probably best to wear it as its cold and its a cold weather jacket…

That’s because certain parades where they are the only CFAV they need to be the same as the regulars and reserves they are parading with.


An example of this will be the Westminster Field of Remembrance, where they are issued a Greatcoat for the occasion under the authority of RAF Ceremonial Office.

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Would be a bit tricky if you were, say, at the Cenotaph and everyone else was in one…

Greatcoats can be worn by Staff only (Officers for Officers and Airmans for SNCO) if they were originally issued to a person or if bought by private purchase. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

Surely issue or private purchase covers all cases?

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Stable belts on parade though…:confused:

Yes it does but there can’t be that many people left who were issued with a greatcoat!

Shame cadets can’t wear them…