Gong eligibility... I know I know

Hi all,

First of all, I have enough already and not a hunter, however I have been reading with some interest various gong related posts.

I am an active member of the Orders & Medals Research Society and like to include as much provenance to my collections and sales as possible… especially mine when in the future they are my grand childrens.

Two quick questions:

  1. Are cadet adult staff/ officers awarded Jubilee/ Coronation medals?
  2. Does cadet services count toward the CFM no matter the gap (i.e. I was a cadet in the 80s)


Per Ardua

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This has just recently changed but someone more in the know will need to find the link to the information! I believe it’s now okay to have a ‘gap’ in uniform service.

  1. Yes, normally requires 5 year uniform service at point of issue.
  2. Only 18+ Cadet Service to a maximum of 2 years, any break is now allowed

I think this is not the case anymore.

@EarlGrey This letter gives more detailed information.

I cannot see this unfortunately

It’s not protectively marked so here you go!

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Thank you for this post. Another niche (some would say “sad”) society for me to join alongside the Burgon Society.

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I wonder, would you be able to help me?

I have recently come into possession of some medals;

My grandfather that was in the fleet air arm and my great grandfathers who was in a Rifle regiment of the Army… I don’t know what the medals are for and if they are ribboned correctly and it was my new years job to get it looked into - could you help, or do you know where I should go to get help?

Many thanks in advance!

Do you have any pictures you can post? And their name/service number?

Just seen this, will share some bits later when I get home from work! Thanks :slight_smile:

Definitely, message me privately and then you can email me pictures

A fellow rockape and a fellow medal collector! I’m not a member of OMRS but do have a healthy collection of singles and groups (including family medals).

My latest acquisition is a MBE (Civil Division) awarded to a CFAV for 53yrs service together with his CFM.

It looks like others have responded to your questions so I won’t muddy the waters by adding my two-pennyworth!

@anon9987823 all the information you want is below. Enjoy.

World War 2

The Star is the 1939-1945 Star issued a to all British and Commonwealth Service personnel.

The Blue and Red Ribboned Medal is the War Medal issued to all Service men and Merchant Navy for 28 days or more of continued service between 1939-1945.

The Green and Orange medal is the Defence Medal usually issued to non-military personal between 1939-1945, however military personnel could be awarded if they attained one or more campaign stars like your Star.

World War 1

The red, white and blue ribbon on its own is the WW1 Service Medal ribbon which should be attached to a star with large crossed swords through it.

The medal with the Horse is the British War Medal.

The Gold coloured medal is the Victory Medal.

All these medals can easily have there ribbons replaced via medal outlets or ebay very cheaply but will add to their provenance and beauty.


The last one threw me a bit as it isnt actually a medal of any kind let alone a campaign medal. It is a Thaler, to be precise it is the Maria Theresa thaler
Which is a Austrian silver bullion coin dated 1780.

If its an original and in very good condition its worth in excess of £2000, however they have so many variants and conditions. Yours has an edge loop but this is not for a ribbon its for a necklace as over the years as the value diminished as a currency in trade they were used for other forms such as jewellery.

Ethiopians commonly turned them from coins to medallions for some reason, and you can visibly see the edge burns where the loop has been fused to the medallion.

More details can be found here https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=mariatheresathaler.php

I would encourage you to speak to a coin and token specialist to establish this coins value and history.


[Screenshot 2021-08-07 231656|

For info: image based upon description, following a spirited offline conversation on the topic…

The Home Office have already decided that eligibility for this medal will follow the same pattern as the QGJM & QDJM. Although one of the specific clauses is ‘serving members of the Armed Forces’ we know that prior to the CFC et al, SNCO\WO’s ATC were eligible to receive previous medals so I can’t see any reason why CFAV’s of all flavours would miss out this time around.

Would be another kick in the box if we were suddenly ineligible!

I’d like to think HQAC are all over this…

After all… #VoV


WRT the letter of entitlement, Para 9, point B has changed to 2 year maximum. It used to be from the age of 18 and as a result I got 4 years cadet service added to my ‘adult service’.

Point 11. This has always been the case.

I think i’ll wait until its actualy in my hand before assuming I will see one…

The statment I saw Said Serving Armed Forces… however that may have been in response to the veterans petition to be included…

Who cares :man_shrugging:

I wear my 1s so little it would never be seen and unlike other medals doesn’t show any sort of achievement just being “in service” on set dates to align with the Jubilee’s