Gong eligibility... I know I know

I’m not worried one way or the other. Medals given out because a monarch has reached another landmark … like a broken pencil. Spend the money on something else and if people want them let them pay for them. Medals should be for doing something, not part of the everyone gets a prize mindset.

Of all the things happening or more so not happening, this isn’t even on the list. Nothing to with VoV. This idea has been kicking around for a few years and as yet they’ve made no effort to do or give us anything tangible.

I don’t think we should worry if we’ve ticked the 5 year box we’ll get one. Mine will go in the drawer with the others. The only one I’ve bothered with is the CFM as at least to some point I’ve earned it by putting ip with HQAC’s attempts to wreck the organisation it heads, but having to apply for clasps is just bloody annoying, I’ve got two and should have got the third last year, but I’m not applying as they should know when to give it to me.

Out of interest, how is over 18 service validated? Is there a need to produce a 3822? I can’t imagine HQAC retain records of cadet service for more than a few years. I’d be eligible for the CFM in two years if I include over 18 time as a cadet, but my 3822 was lost moons ago in a house move.

Maybe now it’s electronic recording “HQAC” will know, unless cadet records are deleted. If you are speaking pre SMS then you’d need a 3822 that has been signed off properly. I have cadets bring uniform back, but no 3822 and we don’t see them again.

Many moons ago you could be a CWO at 18 up until the age of 22 and this needed to be actioned by HQAC. There was no Bader then so it was all probably recorded on a spread sheet.

Now, everything is recorded on Bader so they should have a record of your service etc on there.

Pre 2003 and not until very recently a signed off 3822 would be the only way to ascertain any sort of cadet history.
I very much doubt HQAC or Wing for that matter would have a record of CWO Smith ageing out at 22 let alone when they became a CWO, pre-electronic record keeping.
I tried all the way to the top when I was researching the sqn history and you got a sense of tumbleweed blowing across the void. I was lucky there were a few old boys and girls who could provide info and a local rag micro fiche at the library. The actual organisation we are part of less than useless.
If you know someone looking to prove they did or was this or that as a cadet from say pre-2015 to get a CFM, if they ain’t got a 3822 as I say signed off, I doubt they’ll get very far.

I was not asked for evidence to prove my over 18 cadet service from very pre-Bader days.

I just wrote it on the form and it was accepted

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Neither did I.

Does anyone have an updated copy of MOD Form 2250 as stated in the new CFM regs for 2020?

It is on sharepoint. In traditional HQ fashion they have hidden it by giving it their own internal name… If you grab the current “Pers Form 1-12” that is actually MOD Form 002250


Thanks for the link but it comes up as the pdf is unreadable.

Ahh, now that’s interesting.

Others have said that too. It works for me however. I’m using Acrobat Pro version 10, which is about 6 years out of support. I would have expected that the newest versions of adobe reader should have no trouble. I wonder what the cause is. :thinking:

From the page with the error message, click the ‘Download’ button and either open it with Adobe Reader, or save it to your desktop, right click it and use the “Open With” … Adobe Reader function.

Hope that works!

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We’ve found that even sending the file by email some people can’t open it. So it appears to not just be a sharepoint / link / browser issue.

this works for me

Does work but it wont allow you to print off blank forms as the date field is fixed so I’ve had to email it to my MODnet email :rage:

Why can’t HQAC make things easier!

seems to be the weird incompatability of how the pdf form has been made, and the dirrerent bits of software.
Not really HQAC’s fault.