CFM Eligibility Changed

I’ve seen a letter saying that the eligibility for CFM changes on the 8th Dec. Does anyone know what has actually changed? I’ve read through it but can’t seem to find any difference…

There are no limits to breaks in service anymore, so if you have 10 years off it doesn’t matter, as long as you have 12 years cumulative.


Ah, that’s interesting.

It’s good news for me personally, I had no break in RAFAC service, however spent 5 years as a CI due to politics.

This now means my 2 years as an over 18 count again so I can claim once I’m 35 and before the CWO who I’ve just support into uniform directly from cadet service who under the old rules would have been eligible before me!


Apply now and it might just arrive in time :wink:

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Great news. That is good news to hear my CWO time counts now. Not that this is the reason we do it

Is the letter publicly available?

I assume so, I got it in an email so can’t really share easily. Search Sharepoint for it maybe?

Here we go:

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It’s a welcome change for me. The previous rules around breaks were really complicated. I had a couple of breaks in service due to university and job/location moves, but under the new rules I’ve got well over the 12 years :medal_military:

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Does that mean the year from application to award will be reduced? :wink:

No because now there’ll be an influx of applications from people who are suddenly eligible, only increasing the wait time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Means I only have to wait 5 years now and not 7!
Add that to the Corona Medal plus the chocolate coin I nicked off the Christmas tree and that puts me up to 3!


Good reminder I should really fill in the paperwork. Only 6 months late in doing so lol

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Just realised though that even with the extra 2 years the odds are I’ll be getting one with Charlie Boy’s face on it. Unless they go down the same route as SJA and keep Queenie on it. Though just realised they won’t as they already changed it from her father.

I’m nearly a year into my second clasp and my first still hasn’t been actioned!


That is still my biggest grief, having to apply yourself, hence why I have my medal but no clasps - now entitled to three!

Maybe I’ll wait for the gold rose…
Cheers all


I’m over a year in and still no clasp, I wouldn’t mind but the paperwork went in on the day as I was applying for one of my Staffs Medal at the same time.

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As I may have mentioned in a different thread, I asked HQAC back in October if they’d received the application and they confirmed they had. However, the person who deals with the applications is off sick and it was suggested that I contact them again in November.

I just couldn’t be arsed to chase.

I think it was someone at our Area level who said that the resilience at HQAC is ‘one-brick thick’ and that coupled with having to literally beg for these damn things via personal application, is playing havoc with my PTSD.

I’m not having much luck locating this document using share point on my phone.

So does this mean my 2 years as a Cadet FS from 18-20 will count and then my 4 years as a CI from 20-24?

So that’s 6 years accumulated, so I should get the CFM at 30?

Apologies if this has been said before.