eSports in the Corps?


You need to remember though modern periscopes are no longer “periscopes” they are more akin to a 360deg camera on a stick which then shows to view on a monitor


Is the Corps not also about having fun ?

Sector nights which can also be run with other things being done, but it’s fun and you then have team spirit cheering on your Sqn and friends whilst encouraging interaction with other cadets from different Sqns ?

Just a thought


See my post above about having no issues with it as an unofficial or social activity.


Apologies as I said I’m “Working” and skimmed the 40 odd posts after my intial post


How does “our implementation of” Sports make any difference to their development?

We’ve already agreed above that it encourages stereotypes of girls only playing netball and hockey, and boys only rugby and football. /s


Our unit already have inter flight flight sim races, where they fly against each other on a set route in a set plane. 1st across the line wins!! Does need multiple PCs though!!


I was playing arcade games from about 13, when getting your name on the high score list was everything. So back in the day there would have been some real competition. Me and my mates threw loads of 10p bits into machines to get good, so if we could have done it at the squadron … ker - ching
However bringing that into the Air Cadets is a dangerous thing. We are today effectively a virtual organisation, such that going to the squadron is almost a redundant activity. it’s not much of a stretch that cadets join online and get a whole host of things to sign up for and voila the Air Cadets of the future all done from home, apart from minimal contact with real people. You could have large cadet centres which get used by several virtual squadrons once a week/fortnight, all with the same staff. The virtual cadet could have “battle scenario” and sports games.
Lots of badges as you get a badge for getting through so many levels.

Even if playing on games consoles is a skill that people are looking for, the questions to ask :

  1. how many of those in these jobs currently went to people who honed their skills somewhere other than bedroom or other room in the house? Were they Air Cadets? Our son plays games against others online from his bedroom.
  2. because the armed forces are looking to recruit these people doesn’t necessarily mean we should start doing the same things.

One of the main things cadets like about the Air Cadets is being somewhere where they meet & talk to people not from their school, in person and not just on a phone. One of the main things parents like is it gets the kids out of the house and off their games’ consoles and phones. So does this really encourage or meet those?


To be fair on me, I don’t talk to people over the phone either.


I hope not…id love for it be acceptable to decimate cadets on call of duty.


We do mario kart interflight comp


Talk is in the metaphorical sense, we all refer (if not thinking at the time) to using email, text, SM et al as talking.