eSports in the Corps?


We can’t even change the rules to allow both genders to compete in sports, let alone try and undertake something so 21st Century!!

Not saying it’s a bad idea, just commenting on the current sports situation!


Completely agree.
Now that is a disgrace.

My email to regional sports never got a reply on that topic!


I think we need to remember that these are 12-16 year olds in majority. Bearing in mind that they’re actively choosing to come to parade nights and regularly take part, I believe we should reward them and provide them with something every so often. I never considered this idea before but I’m now going to look into organising a parade night for a local squadron to get together with ours and have an inter-squadron competition. It’s a little bit of fun for the cadets to have fun and engage with each other in a fun, relaxed environment.

Also engaging them in team eSports such as FIFA where several people may be in the same team would help them to develop their communication skills under pressure, whilst meeting new people and making new friends. There are benefits to eSports but it’s simply a matter of how you apply it, because if done in the wrong way then I agree; it can be detrimental to the cadets.


any programming :heavy_check_mark:
networking computers :heavy_check_mark:
setting up secure comms over a network :heavy_check_mark:

then lets have a fun aim in doing all this of a game :heavy_check_mark:
why not :smile:


If you have the facility and ability to then why not. But not every squadron has staff that know how to program a Raspberry Pi


I will tell you something else we did last year.
I couldn’t believe the positive response from the cadets either!

The plan for the night had to change due staff sickness.
As a sqn We were binning 2 old pc’s.

I had the cadets in their flights dismantle the 2 computers, monitors, the lot under staff supervision.

Right down to component level if possible.

We then talked about all the bits that made up what they saw.

Followed up with cyber video and 20 minutes of radio.

Really fun and enjoyable night.

Also, I actually felt like they had all taken something from it and learnt.


I quite like the idea of that. We have some IT savvy staff too. Could even get them involved in PC building.


Then use the PC for eSports? :wink:


Well you could start by looking at half of the Senior/Master Syllabus, it the biggest waste of time I’ve ever come across. (I only omit Leading because around half of Basic Navigation is actually valid and of use.)


I agree to some extent - hence my suggestion in other threads that we make the higher academic syllabus an optional PTS subject, and base progression on PTS.


Off topic.
But alternatively remove and disconnect the requirement for senior and master passes for things like promotions etc.
No need for new badges that way.


I’m in work trying to skim read so I can’t quote comments but I’ll just leave this here

RAF urged to recruit gamers to fly drones, and military drones are (or were) flown by Xbox 360 controllers connected to a laptop… I’ll read and respond properly later




I have been a gamer for the majority of my life, I got my first console at 5.

It is due to my gaming “Skills” that I have excelled at a number of my jobs.

Asda Security and CCTV Operator.

When I went into CCTV I hadn’t used CCTV properly for about 5 years as I went to work as Security in a DC, within 3 weeks i had leant all of the camera locations and the other operators who were trying to teach me couldn’t keep up with me.


No argument here @Mouldy, that would be @Paracetamol who feels there are no skills to be developed from gaming.


Not from the sorts of guff you were talking about.

Essentially @Mouldy is describing a flight SIM situation anyway!
Reaper pilots fly a SIM all day after all.

They don’t play fifa or “call of douchbags”


That’s flown with Xbox controllers not an actual flight sim… as pictured.

I don’t know if they were infantry trained up to use drones or wether they were RAF embedded with them to use them. A laptop and a game controller, nothing more.

Flying Reapers is more of a FS role however you still learn a lot from gaming in general. Like it or not cod teaches amazing hand eye coordination, there’s always positives to be found !


I’m afraid i haven’t suggested any games so far. . .

  • Flight Sim’s, other than as races I’m not sure how you’d make it competitive. (use the least virtual fuel for x journey maybe?)
  • shooters like CounterStrike / CoD etc, demonstrate fieldcraft skills and tactics taught in new fieldcraft syllabus.
  • Rocket League, FIFA etc - well its just a sport.


Very irrelevant but the USN is using XBox controllers for the periscopes on their newest submarines.


It’s not a question of whether gaming would develop skills, it’s a question of whether our implementation of ‘eSports’ would make any difference to such development.