Dorset & Wilts Wg - High Court listing


Is it about smock hoods?


I was very offended with your comment about it


Is that GLAAAASTERSHOIRE speak for ‘smack heads’?


I’ve no idea, we’re from Wiltshire and Dorset.

Possible that we’re getting a little off topic though.


As written elsewhere, the Wing Region and HQ are not legal entities. So this makes it most likely that the initial purpose of the court hearing will be Auntie Dawn’s cronies accompanied by an MOD lawyer whose brief will be to highlight that the defendant must be the MOD/RAF direct and not the Wing(s).If this is accepted by the prosecutor(s), then the delay will be used to keep the matter from court by various back-room manoeuvres.

Being civil rather than criminal, this is ATC-HQ’s modus operandii.


That’s if the complainant is willing to play ball, in this case the ACO may not own the ball.


True :slight_smile:


Unless it is part of a religious requirement!


Or signed off by a doctor.


“puts Mod hat back on”

It doesn’t appear there is any actual news on this topic forthcoming. I propose to lock it for now, with it being able to be reopened on request to a Mod.


Just wondering if anyone had any news on this.

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I have cleaned this topic and re-opened it in light of the above request. I will close it again real quick if there is nothing relevant.


I’ve asked a friendly Court Reporter…

All gone quiet (as far as I’m aware) since last hearing on 27 Nov 2018.


Im in that wing and if you are not a member of this forum you wouldnt know its going on. So highly doubt we will ever hear anything.


Well, it looks like (via my source), I can find out but annoyingly, it involves paying approx £25 minimum per case …

I’ll hold fast for the time being. :wink:


ACC crowd fund???


Yeah why not ha


I have not found anything either, nor with the Cumbria and Lancashire listing, but the problem is perhaps the legal entity. A Wing is not a legal entity, so there is nothing to prosecute, and thereby no-one within that echelon technically accountable.

Now the Wing Sports & Welfare Fund is a legal entity, so that any of the Trustees would be equally liable. Without knowing any of the detail it is rather difficult, but I think were the HSE the prosecutor, they would have to pursue the MOD or CAC.


The guess from my informed source (& I stress it is ONLY a guess, not a statement) is that there have been quite a few cadet-related cases (not just RAFAC) appearing before Queen’s Bench Masters, so the possibility of historic child abuse allegations.