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“puts Mod hat back on”

It doesn’t appear there is any actual news on this topic forthcoming. I propose to lock it for now, with it being able to be reopened on request to a Mod.


A ‘white walker’? wth is that?


It’s a game of thrones reference, have a gander.


Depends what you classify as a northerner. There are people who think (wrongly) that the north begins beyond Manchester. This really grinds my gears, so much that I may add it to that thread!

The true north of England is everything north of Middlesbrough!


Yep - sounds like Newcastle City Centre on a Saturday night in the winter. We’re quite affable though really.

Unless you’re a Sunderland supporter…….


That 4-0 win at home the other night was nice though, @Gunner :wink:


Pfft. Anyone living north of the Solent is a northerner!! :rofl:


U-21’s don’t count.


Blokes in big coats and lasses in miniskirts?


Having got to know some of the door staff on the (proper) nightclub doors who wear the big coats, most of them were Army Reserve Para’s or SAS (both have units just out of the City).

They definitely fit Baldrick’s ‘white walker’ description. Some of them had only recently learned to walk upright!

For those who were unaware, the actor Tim Healy (Auf Wiedershen Pet, Benidorm) was a TA Para.

But yes, the girls just wear oversize belts whatever the weather.


Average age of the team we played was 22.6… :roll_eyes:


*North of the Watford Gap - I’m sure that’s what the Roman’s decided…