Dorset & Wilts Wg - High Court listing


No, but I had a mole. :nerd_face:

MOD also listed as a party. Case filed in Apr so early days.


They would have to be as they are the legal entity, not RAFAC (or the RAF).


Any update on this case?


Haven’t heard anything yet - & considered timescale for such court appearances, not surprised.


Any news on this case?


Nothing I’ve heard other than a further listing, &, looks like another wg was also on the Queen’s Bench Masters List, 26 Nov 2018:

At quarter to 11

TMA v Cumbria & Lancashire Wing ATC

At half past 11

JCH v Dorset & Wiltshire Wing ATC & Ors


What does the “& ors” bit mean?



Name of solicitors?? Maybe abbreviation for others??!! Otherwise, dunno.

This part of the court system is going online from Jan, so maybe an option to obtain linked papers - if “open” - about £30 a pop.


And others. The listing only generally gives one mange for each side and uses the abbreviation to show there are also other parties


Now two cases :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Wonder if HQAC are going to hang the Wings out to dry after the cases?

Wing Chairs

There is a press report (Oct 2018) relating to a fraud case brought to court in Bath.

Is that anything to do with these two Wing cases? - logically though it should be an entirely separate matter not involving the ACO.


Nope. Bath is in Bristol & Gloucestershire Wing.

It’s also a criminal matter, these cases are civil.



Ahhh. Somebody wants to grow a beard…


Wasn’t me!


Breach of Contract, Somebody not happy with CFC?


Beards would more likely fall under the Equality Act, there’s no Human Right to facial hair!


That would be against the ACO not the Wing surely?


i assume it would be because the written or spoken order is from WHQ, not Selfie Towers. it may reference Selfie Towers, but the order itself is from a local commander.


This being a national thing so it lands on the Dawninator and her people at HQAC


Being in that wing i can speculate given rumours but i dont fancy doing “career” suicide this evening

Definitley involves @MattB though.