Dorset & Wilts Wg - High Court listing

Hmmm, High Court list for tomorrow:

“At 3 o’clock, JCH v Dorset & Wiltshire Wing ATC.”

Normally three letters instead of a party’s name means they’ve been anonymised. It’s before the Queen’s Bench Masters, so possibly an application for a civil injunction to stop D&W Wg from doing something… However, Queen’s Bench Masters cover a wide range of cases.

Oh to be a fly on that wall.

Interesting from the local paper, has this squadron gone to court?

How interesting, particularly as it involves a wing as a distinct legal entity. It would imply that whatever the issue it involves something that falls solely within the remit of the wing. What will be interesting is how the wing is represented in court.


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Sqns and Wg’s going to court?

What the hell is going in this man’s Corps? And all this on the Twitter Queen’s watch.


If I remember correctly, this case is before a Master. They set the rules for a trial, demand documents are produced or can warn either side they are wsting their clients time. The next step is that they appear, if a trial is set, before a High Court Judge.

Interesting times indeed. HQAC must be sweating as their acts omissions etc could be exposed to the sunlight. FTRSs disappearing accordingly.

Unlikely to be the Poole squadron as that would be a judicial review and wouldn’t be before a Master. Perhaps it’s an application in a big PI claim? Perhaps an historical abuse claim applying to disapply limitation periods? The anonymity suggests either a child or an alleged victim of abuse (though several other factors could lead to anonymity). Would be interesting to hear what the outcome is.

Does a case have to go through the Master regardless to set the rules of judicial combat?

Are such episodes open to the public?

Asking for a friend…


If it is a PI claim or an extension of time limit, then why is the wing the other party? I would have thought that in either event the claim would have been made against the MoD.


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That Poole Sqn is still operating

True that. Maybe a strike out application for wrong defendant? So many unknowns. In London tomorrow, if I can get off the meeting early I may pop down to the Bear Garden and see what I can overhear in the corridor.

@bob JRs are solely in the jurisdiction of the justices.

The interesting bit is that it’s against the Wing not the ACO, surely of it was an abuse case it would be the Commandant stood in court not the wing Commander. Is the Wing Commander being hung out to dry?

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Normally yes, unless there are reporting restrictions.

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Just go in and watch and live feed to here, you can do that now.

It’s could be a JR, most likely option actually. JRs review decisions by public bodies, if a wing took a decision, then you perhaps couldn’t review the Corps’, as the Wing Commander made the decision. Possibly.

As an aside, this case, unkown whether it was regulars reserves or ACO, butlooking at the ages involved?

They appear to be ACO… quick facebook search and you see a chap in Wedgwoods wearing Nijmegan medals…

Agreed. However it shouldn’t have got this far unless ‘Wing’ have acted outside the rules of the organisation. In that case one would expect the usual sideways promotion under a veil of SNAFU and HQ-ATC cover-up. But a JR takes time and money, so this must be more substantial than a quick check.

EXMPA is right that as the Wing will not be deemed a legal entity, this is an interesting one to watch.

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On unconditional bail from Lincoln, case referred to Croydon Magistrates’ Court for hearing 12 Apr 2018. However, as the original circumstances related to being under 18 (i.e. a youth), the court won’t give any details over the 'phone, but there was a sentence issued.

Nothing much to report at the moment; anonymity order in place. Lawyer on both sides so being contended.

Maybe more in the future as & when court paperwork is filed.

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Did you attend in person?