Dogs of ACC

Following on from the other post. I figured it might be nice to have a spot for the dog lovers among us to introduce dogs - because let’s face it, the world is pretty naff at the moment, and dogs are awesome.

I’ll go first then…

This is Luna - she’s an 8 month old Samoyed. Having Luna has been awesome, as a teacher during lockdown there was very limited stuff I could do, whilst my wife as a Police Officer continued to work throughout. Without cadets to focus my attention on, and limited opportunities to climb or head to the mountains I felt a bit directionless. Getting Luna was not only great company it gave me something to put my time into, the benefits of time spent with her early on really show now in her behaviour.

Luna has been canoeing and paddle boarding with me and my wife, we’ve introduced her to mountainy type environments in a limited way, and snow, and as soon as she’s grown up she will be coming with us on our various adventures. We are also hoping to do some therapy dog volunteering in kids hospitals assuming she passes her therapy dog assessment next month.

Would be great to hear about some of the other ACC’ers dogs.


This is my boy Jaffa (she wanted a baby so I plugged that gap with a puppy and now she doesn’t want kids. Result.)

He’s nuts and has doggy ADHD


I have a soft spot for pugs

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My cat is bigger than your dog.


This is Winston the lurcher.

He particularly likes coming along to Battle of Britain and Remembrance Day Parades :slight_smile:

He looks very smart in his poppy bandana we think


Want a muddy pooch?


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:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Still, I s’pose at least you didnt use the phrase “fur-baby”… :wink:


Nah, that phrase is reserved for the Maine Coon. Although, I call him DickCat. And no, his name is not Richard.

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“Fur-baby” is reserved for the full-time mums to use on Facebook, in between selling their candles and aroma-melts…


Taken pre Christmas, someone very happy with the tree…


Love this!

This one was a little unsure about the whole tree thing, it was her first Christmas


I thought about not moving them, but decided to keep all the photos together.

If anyone wants to go back and add a bio to their photos then feel free!

This little fella loves Christmas


and talking about taking their “hubby” on “holibobs”?

:nauseated_face: :roll_eyes:


:roll_eyes:. my girlfriend is like that with her cats
“Little bubby”
“Bed, bye, boo”



I can’t wait to take the doggo on holibobs with hubby in the new year.

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


In fairness I’m like this with my cat… I talk to her, sing to her, call her “pretty lady” in a stupid voice… and all sorts of utter nonsense.

My partner often rolls his eyes and asks me what would other people think, or calls me mad… I have caught him talking to her too when he thought I couldn’t hear!

My question is this; If you don’t talk to your dog or cat in a funny voice, have daft nicknames or almost in-jokes with your own pet, then are you even human?